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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Michigan got the three top football recruits in Kentucky last year, something the Louisville Courier-Journal writes about today. This year Michigan is heavily involved in Kentucky again. Michigan features prominently on the lists of DE/LB Micah Johnson and DT Corey Peters, the top two players in the state. (HT: cutter on The Victors.)

Eric Nystrom is the subject of a writeup in the Calgary Sun. If Nystrom plays in the AHL next year it will be in Omaha, which is deliciously ironic since he made a living as a Maverick-killer over his years at Michigan. mgoblog doubts Nystrom will be there long, though. (HT: Michigan College Hockey.)

Five players got called into the WJC camps of the US and Canada: Kevin Porter, Chad Kolarik, Mark Mitera, Jack Johnson, and Andrew Cogliano. Cogliano, of course, is the only Canadian. Maize at WesternCollegeHockey thinks that Porter, Kolarik, and Johnson will make the US team.

The Wolverine blogosphere is in fine form this day. IBFC has an excellent post that indicates that Michigan's defense last year was by far the worst since Bo beat Woody in 1969. mgoblog actually thinks that's a reason to be hopeful, because it's probably as much of an outlier as the 1997 defense was, except in the bad way. Straight Bangin' has the flipside of that coin with a horrific review of everything that went wrong last year, saying that even though Gabe was the man last year, we need Man++ this year. I see his point, although I wish I hadn't had to go through the Michigan equivalent of a Holocaust museum to see it.

And, yes, they renamed some wolverine kits at the zoo. Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo.

Update: Scout has a free Matt Shaw article up, too.