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Friday, June 10, 2005

Straight Bangin' has posted a set of softball opinions/reactions that aligns with my point of view about 95% (not pissed off about hockey coming back). He ends up rather torn about the whole thing, as I was. Frankly the last game was not a thrilling thing except for about four brief bursts of interest spread over three hours. Even so, Samantha Findlay got an ALL CAPS EXCLAMATION POINT EXPLOSION!!! for her championship-deciding three-run homer.

Brent from ParadigmBlog also echoes some of my thoughts about the patronizing coverage of the ladies in a comment. You know, favorite actresses, soup recipies, and all that (although, to be fair, without it I would never have discovered Ritter's (and apparently my) MacGuyver obsession). What I want to know about a softball batter is her strengths as a batter and the pitches she has trouble hitting (and perhaps a favorite bottle of wine in some cases).

SB also discusses what I just did, the objectification of women, referencing some disappointing comments he read on message boards. I also thought there were some pretty reprehensible (and not clever, the sinniest sin of all) things posted, but I know for a fact that the wimmin are no better than us. They apparently like their sports fandom with a heaping side order of ogling, and I say more power to them, because, I mean, damn, some of those softball girls: hot. Is all I'm saying.

For the record, this is not me: