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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Side links have rearranged themselves. New category for blogs by Michigan folk that don't really fit elsewhere, with ParadigmBlog, Rob in Madtown, and Straight Bangin' the inagural members. Straight Bangin's MVN NBA site, End of the Bench, has also taken up residence in the "local teams" section.

The ArborBlogs aggregator has proven to be relatively meh, but ypsi~dixit consistently takes things that seem boring--going fishing, planting stuff, etc.--and makes them interesting. Her recent exploration of Washtenaw County's weirdest cemetery is sweet.

Pennslyvania's equivalent to MLive sports not one but two good Penn State blogs, PA Homestyle Sports and 50-Yard Lion. Neither pulls any punches about the state of the Nittany Lion program, which I found a little surprising for the officially-affiliated pair. A credit to them. (Ok, ok, the former linked to me and the latter's in the BlogPoll, but they're still good--no RSS though, boo.)