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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The comprehensive voter list is done and shows that we've collected a total of 50 voters covering 31 teams and every conference except the WAC and Sun Belt. Not everyone has been participating in the Roundtables, which is fine, but makes me doubt we'll get 50 ballots every week as I'm sure some people will pay it as much attention as their fantasy football team that's still starting YA Tittle.

Nonetheless, some order is called for. The 'open enrollment' period of the BlogPoll comes to an end August 1st. For now, anyone who wants in gets in unless they are Michigan bloggers seven through twenty five, who must sadly remain excluded for now for reasons of propriety. So. Anyone out there lazing about and just getting around to starting something up should get off their duff and move lickety-split and stuff that in their pipe and smoke it.

Once the open enrollment period ends, sites will have to apply and be considered under the following guidelines:

  • Anyone who's written a book or performed some service to football fans in general (stat work a la footballcommentary or Football Outsiders, or kidnapping Aaron Taylor) is in. People who bring credibility are important.
  • Bloggers who cover teams not already represented in the poll will have a very low barrier to entry, say a month of posting, or perhaps less.
  • Each additional blogger entering the poll makes the barrier to entry higher for subsequent prospective voters.
  • Voters missing three weeks in a row will be considered to have gone YA Tittle on us. Reapplication will be done on as per normal; our Wyoming blogger thus gets a bit of leeway, but the Michigan bloggers had best be on their toes, since a spot lost there will be hard to earn back.
I'm not trying to be a hardass or a tyrannical blog master or anything, but I have to do something about this whole unbalancing thing, as there are six Michigan related bloggers in the poll already with two or three waiting to get in--I can't accomodate them at the moment but I don't want them smashing their keyboard because someone who isn't posting anything got in first. As always, these things are negotiable. Suggestions and objections are welcome; either email or comment.

Another Roundtable will be coming up soon at Straight Bangin'.