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Monday, July 25, 2005

So that NHL thing is on the way back. Friday they held their draft lottery. Edmonton got the 25th pick, I am distressed. (For strange reasons only partially known to myself, I switched team allegiances from Detroit to Edmonton right when people like Chris Chelios were ending up Red Wings and Mike Comrie was doing inexplicable things with the Oilers.) Jack "Gojira" Johnson will be a Mighty Duck, Hurricane, or singular version of the word "Wild," as Anaheim, Carolina, and Minnesota picked up the 2, 3, and 4 picks, respectively.

"Godzilla Hockey." I love you, Google.

The CSB has released its final rankings. Michigan College Hockey helpfully picked out all the Wolverines listed:

4. Jack Johnson, D
56. Jason Bailey, F
63. Andrew Cogliano, F
78. T.J. Hensick, F
99. Zach MacVoy, F
140. Tim Miller, F

27. Steve Jakiel

I'm not sure why I continue bothering to report these, since they're just... just wrong. Remember that the CSB releases separate rankings for European and North American players, so the apparent third-round rankings of Hensick and Cogliano are closer to 5th or 6th round projections. Which is wrong. Cogliano will probably be a late first rounder. Hensick is harder to project, but I would think he goes somewhere in the second, though he could go anywhere from the late first to the third. The CSB consistently ranks any guy 6'2" or above who can put on skates in two or three tries higher than any rational human would. Witness Jason Bailey at 56, above Hensick and Cogliano. Now, don't get me wrong: I like Bailey a lot and am very happy he's going to be a Wolverine. But his NHL future appears to be a third-line grinder at best. Both Cogliano and his Bure-like speed and Hensick and his dirty dirty stickhandling should be well gone by the time a mucker like Bailey goes.

Hockey's Future has a mock draft with Gojira at #4, Cogliano at #24, and Hensick at #28, which is a much more realistic picture of the situation. Personally, I would be surprised to see Hensick in the first round, but I will flip out and verbally assault key members of the Oilers front office if Hensick is on the board in the third and they pass on him (see: Zach Parise).

TBT Yost Built has more on the NHL draft and the newly-approved rules changes (mgoblog's opinion is here if you care). I'd like the NCAA to immediately adopt the no-line-change-after-icing rule. It is teh sweet.

Also, the Cold War (3-3 tie between MSU and UM played at Spartan Stadium) is being replayed by Fox Sports Detroit on Saturday at 7 PM. On Monday they're playing two Michigan-Michigan State games back to back at 5 and 7:30. The first is the loss to MSU in this year's GLI. The second is one from a bit back where Michigan beat Ryan Miller and went on to the Frozen Four in St. Paul, where they lost to Minnesota.

(HT: russian5.)