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Friday, July 01, 2005

No, mgoblog hasn't forgotten about hockey. Western College Hockey has a detailed, if belated post (still better than mgoblog's unsophisticated picture of Cartman), on the Frozen Four selections worth examining. Noted Cogliano fan Bob McKenzie has posted his annual NHL draft rankings article, which has Jack Johnson #2 and Cogs #18. McKenzie's list is usually quite accurate because he compiles it by actually talking to about a dozen scouts. Cogliano being that high after playing in the OPJHL whilst not being particularly large or mean is very impressive. He is going to destroy people.

Michigan sports blogs are reproducing unchecked. Run for the hills! Let's see, we've got three brand-spanking-new ones: Blah Me To Death, Big House Football, and Motown Sports Revival. The first and last also cover various other Detroit sporting teams.

The second BlogPoll roundtable is just finishing up and many totally awesome contributions were made, but I must specifically point out Straight Bangin's depressive alternative to my natural inclination to believe that Michigan is going to go 82-0 next year. Together we are a microcosm of Michigan fandom. Apart we are annoyingly unbalanced. And, though completely irrelvant to Michigan, Sexy Results again demands attention, if only for this:

"Much has been made of UVA's 1-4 record against ranked teams in the last two seasons, the "1" coming from a 2003 beatdown of a Virginia A&M team that already mailed in its season along with its resubscription to Sexual Offense Monthly."
The quote is real, and it's spectacular.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Blue-Gray Sky dissects the ups and downs of the Elite "11" quarterbacks chosen every year. (It's eleven like the Big Ten is ten.) Braves & Birds takes Stewart Mandel's list of the best and worst coaches in the NCAA and makes it right.

Terry Bowden wrote a scathing article about the lack of black coaches in the NCAA, and thank God for that. Couldn't go two months without another one of those. I think I'll give this some extra time in a bit.