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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 is on the rampage after the Bruce Feldman ESPN article discussed previously. The 'publisher' of Scout's Nebraska site fires a broadside at ESPN titled "God doesn't like us," which is unclear. Does that refer to ESPN disliking the Scout network or God himself hating the state of Nebraska? (The latter goes without saying, I suppose. As a former denizen of the adjacent, worthwhile state of Colorado, I can say that Nebraska is very flat and very boring and that a ditch should be dug around the pestiferous state and it should be floated out to sea.) The article is hilariously ironic--every attempted parry by the author confirms and enhances Feldman's points. For example, the article ends with a bit of attempted sarcasm like so:

But, at least they know where to put a comma.
Oh Lord. Sides ache laugh hard owie cry.

Those interested in the business side of recruiting should examine this article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (for mgoblog's money, "Intelligencer" is the best newspaper moniker ever).

Spanish has a useful distinction between "nuevo auto" (a new car) and "auto nuevo" (a car that is 'new to you,' like a used car you just purchased). The Bemusement Park is a bloggo nuevo that introduced itself to me via Every Day Should Be Saturday and is now a proud BlogPoll voter. He drops a Big Ten preview light on the heavy and heavy on the fake awards. Michigan picks up the
the Col. Sanders Bucket for Outstanding Achievement in Chickenousness for not playing a non-conference road game this season. In fact, their only real road test will be a trip to Kinnick Stadium on October 22nd. (Stifle it, Badger fans . . . you know I’m right.)
TBP is also the first Iowa voter in the poll. Good on yer. Meanwhile, frequent mgoblog hockey reference Packer487 has jumped aboard the blogwagon with a nuevo bloggo nattily named The Blog That Yost Built. Hopefully he will alleviate my guilt at shamelessly shorting hockey coverage during football season.

Speaking of the BlogPoll Paul Westerdawg is already preparing to whore out his vote, which BlogPoll Central initially frowned upon until the secret council of war determined that it could probably do the same and net anywhere from two to four cans of creamed corn, which is nothing to sniff at. And EDSBS has finally stopped slack-jawing, yokelling, and posting pictures of mustaches long enough to post the Roundtable #2 Roundup. (Note that even the Roundtable Roundup has a picture of a mustache!)

Terry Bowden's article came in for a thorough buffetting at State Fans Nation, who makes the excellent point that there is going to be an awful lot of lag in head coaching opportunities for black guys, because head coaches are old and in the past racism was worse than it is now. mgoblog would like to further declare that the same things that make one a kickass athlete (run fast, jump high) have exactly no correlation with the things that make one a kickass coach (maniacal dedication, sophistication, desire to punt from opponent's 30) and that expecting 50% black athletes to translate into 50% black head coaches is ridiculous. mgoblog thinks that if the NCAA isn't represented proportionally (ie, about 12%) in 10-15 years, that's a serious problem. Yammering now is a good way to get your INDIGNANT JUSTIFIED PRINCIPLED OUTRAGE!!! out there so you can look like a sweet progressive activist and get crunchy tail. It doesn't impress me, though. To get mgoblog tail, you better bring detailed statistical charts.