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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wacky Terry Malone. Oh, you kidder, you, with your Toledo Blade article about rotating quarterbacks that is in the process of throwing Michigan diehards into a grade-A tizzy without saying anything more than there is "very much" an "open competition" at quarterback. Yes, Guitterez will play, perhaps extensively, against weak sister out-of-conference opponents Notre Dame and Eastern Michigan. But it will probably be after the game is well in hand. Unless Chad Henne totally implodes, Guiterrez remains Wally Pipp.

Could this be another example of mgoblog dismissing a potential course of action as ludicrous and unlikely because my head will explode if it actually happens (see: frequent use of 3-4 defense)? Perhaps. But probably not.

BONUS! More baseless predictions: Everyone forgets about this Gabe Watson suspension business before the fall; Manningham is the #3 WR by midyear; Several Ohio State players are not arrested.