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Monday, August 08, 2005

Blog/MSM lovefest can be seen over at the Lowell Sun's website. (HT: Off Wing Opinion, who all got interviewed.)

The subsidiary returns and reports on a Lloyd Carr event even though I unfairly trashed OSU's 2002 national championship team, which... okay... wasn't the worst ever. It was the most annoying ever, however. Dispute that! Anyway. Two really good 'quotes' (absolute accuracy is not guaranteed):

(Asked about an anonymous Big Ten coach who called Michigan "arrogant and overrated")
It was probably one of those guys who hasn't had any success against Michigan.

(After he talked about goals in a general sense)
Reporter: What are your goals for your defense this year?
Carr: (staring at reporter silently for at least 5-10 seconds... room gets uncomfortable)
Carr: "We'd like to tackle the quarterback."
Spectacular. More over there.

Update: forgot to add this to further demonstrate the cyber-insane asylum that is NDNation. Vijay of IBFC points out this from the Nation in reference to Tom's report above:
I was struck by Carr's need to indicate why UofM has been so successful and is so uniquely positioned to prepare QBs for the NFL.

This dude is hearing Charlie's big footsteps, IMO.

Or... maybe he was asked a direct question. At a press conference, no less.

Get up to date on the Dome over at BGS. They've got five questions heading into fall practice, a post that I was going to make in the next couple days myself.

Michigan's roster is updated. Messageboarders point out several interesting things:
  • LB Jacob Stewart and TE Kevin Murphy are no longer on the roster. If they've left the team that means one additional scholarship for 2006 (Stewart was a senior).
  • CB Brandon Harrison is listed at 5'11", which is probably kind, but it's beyond the normal roster stretching to list him there unless he's least a solid 5'9" and maybe a half or three quarters.
  • The "RLB" or rush linebacker position designation has returned. Listed there are Lamarr Woodley, Tim Jamison, and "Jim" McKinney. Pierre Woods is still listed at OLB.
  • Gabe Watson is not the heaviest guy on the roster at 331. Jake Long is listed at 338 and Leo Henige, Jr., is listed at 339. Do I buy that? No. 331 is probably Gabe's fairyland fantasy target weight. It bears little resemblance to reality.
Germany is to invade opponents' backfields from the DE position according to this Scout article. Irony is pointed out: Keston Cheathem and Germany were high school teammates and friends who were both planning to attend Michigan. Germany went to USC temporarily while Cheathem ended up at Michigan. A year later, Cheathem is at Oregon State. Germany is at Michigan. It's like rain on your wedding day.