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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The composition of this year's Michigan team continues to come into focus at the Big Ten Media sessions. During the Q&A session yesterday Carr said that he expected every freshman to arrive on campus qualified save for the obvious exception of Marques Slocum. That (very probably) means that freshman CB Johnny Sears has made the grade and won't be joining Slocum at Milford Academy. (This Devin Ross article (a CB recruit) says as much.)

Carr not grumpy. Take a picture.
Oh, I suppose you already did.
Eugene Germany's status is still fuzzy given that he will probably be considered a transfer by the NCAA. Sears qualifying is very good news, though, given the vast unknown behind the starting cornerbacks and Sears' reputed studly freakishness.

GBW has your Carr-talkin' fix in a couple free articles. Rivals has made the unwise decision to post a bunch of premium stuff. The Detroit News pulls one of the weird and doubtful quotes from Carr's media day talkin' so that I don't have to:
Morgan Trent is considered the fastest player at Michigan, and he must be a fast learner because he has been moved from receiver to cornerback.

But that doesn't mean he won't ever see the field on offense. Coach Lloyd Carr said Monday not to be surprised if Trent plays both ways.

"There are situations where speed is what you really need," Carr said. "I'm talking specifically about the two-minute, or the end-of-the-half, end-of-the-game situation where the guy can really spread the field. He's got that kind of capability. Because he already had one year as a receiver, it makes sense to use some of the things he already knows."

But Carr said Trent understands his role is at cornerback.

Grumble grumble need a nickleback more than a sixth-string wide receiver grumble no both ways pout. Flipside: OMG MORGAN TRENT IS TED GINN.

More Detroit News articles here and here. Latter is a Herbstreit dis: his top three in the conference are OSU, Iowa, and Purdue. Well, Herbie, mgoblog's Big Ten top three are Michgian, Pudue, and Iowa. Take that. What, you're still having the sex with all the cheerleaders? This does not bother you? Alas.

Seriously, though; I like Herbstreit but I think he will eat crow here. Anomalous will be a word people who wade through the season preview will become very familiar with.

I don't know if I should post this but a new blogger has managed to infiltrate Charlie Weis' mind and has posted every single one of his secrets. Notre Dame is screwed:
TENDENCY #3: It appeared to me that the offensive players would communicate with each other in the form of circle prior to the play, most likely to be sure they were all "on the same page" prior to running the play. This ought to lessen the number of delay of game penalties we see, particularly following timeouts. Again, this is the kind of new thinking we can expect from this guy.
Is this a parody? At first blush, yes, but then you read stuff like this from ND Nation:
Fans who don't follow Notre Dame closely are asking why we're so excited this year. How can we be so sure? The answer is simple: Weis gets it. Before the rabidly sick Notre Dame fans that inhabit the Nation can even think about what we should be doing, Weis has done it, and usually done far more.
and then you're not so sure. Further proof that there's no possible way to utter the sentence "BLANK gets it" without coming off like a sanctimonious Weis.


And, okay, okay. Sometimes a Buckeye does something that is not completely useless and terrible. Witness.

For posterity, this is BuffetBuckeye's post:

Which one is milli and which one is vanilli?

For those out of the know, the leftmost are Cobrani Mixon and Steve Brown, the latest Michigan recruits.

(HT: IBFC again.)