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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A couple first-hand reports excerpted here for posterity:

On Indiana S Steve Brown:

have watched him the last two weeks and Col East has played probably there to toughest match ups all year. He is the reason they are 2-0.

Best player to come out of Columbus since Blair Kiel in 79. 3 TD tonight against Rivals Col North who are ranked #6 in 5A.

One rushing and two amazing receiving TD's. Caught one TD with one hand and juked an guy and scored. And then scored on an 20-30 yarder with one minute to go to take the lead.

This cat could play WR/CB or safety in college...He has awesome hands.
And 2006 CB/S recruit Ronald Johnson from poster murani:
Ronald and the Big Reds took on Grand Rapids Creston (well they are still playing) at Hackley Stadium.

Muskegon comes out on defense running what looks like a 46 defense and RoJo is playing FS. Muskegon stops Creston 3 and out showing although there are all new starters this year the talent is just as good. Creston punts to RoJo standing at about his own 30 yd line. RoJo precedes to juke 1 defender and head through a gap and towards the sideline, Creston players give chase and he jukes 2 more before battling into the end zone for a 70 yd punt return TD. After another 3 and out Muskegon takes over at their own 37 yd line. RoJo is playing WR and goes in motion getting the pitch then throws a perfect pass to the other WR for a 50-60 yd gain which would have resulted in a score if the WR had any real speed. Muskegon punches it in on 3 dive plays going up 14-0. Next defensive series RoJo still hasnt been able to be part of the action because his teammates won't allow Creston to get 2 yds running. This series is different, however, as RoJo comes up for run support and the runner is so scared of the impact he tries to go down before RoJo gets to him so RoJo only got a glancing blow. The defense holds and forces another punt allowing Muskegon to take over. Muskegon tries a couple passes to other WRs and get pretty good yardage yet drive appears to be stalled because of holding. Its 3rd and 11 from Muskegon's 36 yard line and RoJo is split to wide side of field in 1 on 1 coverage and i'm thinking "You can't be serious", the ball is snapped and RoJo (I kid you not) put a sick release move on the CB that left the CB not knowing where RoJo was and he precedes to go down the sideline and catches the ball for an easy pitch and catch TD. That move made me start to consider he reminds me alot of Mario Manningham as a WR and I definitely could see him starring in college as a WR. Next defensive possession its 1st and 10 and Creston throws and "fade and stop" pass to their 6'5" WR Javonne Augustus(possible Division 1 caliber basketball player) and he gets absolutely crushed by RoJo coming over from his FS position causing the ball to the dropped. The very next play RoJo comes up from his FS position in run support and CRUSHES the ball carrier. I am starting to be more and more in agreement with Josh that safety might be RoJo's best position on defense. Its 28-0 at this point in the game (8 minutes into 1st quarter). RoJo is best player on the field and the rest look like Division 3 recruits in comparison.

2 funny notes about remainder of 1st quarter: (1) Creston's QB has completely stopped carrying out his fakes on runs because he keeps getting hit on the fakes and so now he just hands it off and holds his hands up like he was being robbed. (2) Creston is so frustrated with moving the ball they have fake punted the ast 3 drives in quarter and still can't move the ball.

The 2nd Quarter sees Creston get on the board by throwing a misdirection screen for 70 yds after missed sack and runs for score the next play making it 28-6 and Creston finally has something to feel good about. Creston kicks it off and guess what? RoJo take this kickoff back 85 yds for TD after juking nearest man and hitting the seam completely leaving everyone in his dust.

RoJo finished first half with about 6 tackles and 3 TDs(Punt Return, Kick Off Return, TD Catch) and didn't play past 1st series of 2nd quarter. Muskegon was leading 42-6 at halftime and running clock when I left because I was told that RoJo and starters would only see action for first half of 3rd quarter if that much.

Sorry for the long report but made sure to write down plenty of notes. I'm going to try to get the game film to the mods so they can get it to Rivals and show you all just how impressive he was.
Also, LB recruit Quintin Patilla's team lost their opener 10-7. Patilla played well when he wasn't plagued with cramps.

Note: if anyone finds themselves at a game featuring a Michigan recruit and would like to send in a report, I'll post it.