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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Former Michigan recruit and eventual Purdue signee Selwyn Lymon is almost certainly not going to qualify, which is a blow to the Boilers, who had assigned the top-100 recruit the #1 jersey and were expecting him to be a contributor this year. Interestingly enough, Purdue plans on bringing in Lymon as a non-qualifier instead of sending him to prep school a la Marques Slocum. Lymon will sit out his freshman year and then have three years of eligibility. He can get a fourth back if he graduates in four years.

Purdue still has Charles Davis, Dorien Bryant, and Kyle Ingraham at their disposal, so I wouldn't seriously downgrade their chances because of this, but it doesn't help. The interesting part is that Purdue is paranoid enough about Lymon being re-recruited to get him into school immediately at the cost of a year of eligibility--likely two, since non-qualifiers rarely complete their degree in time. No doubt that's partially because of the saga of linebacker Kyle Williams, a five-star recruit from 2004 who missed qualifying after signing with Iowa and is now a freshman at Purdue and their second string weakside linebacker. Goose, gander, etc.

An Iowa columnist is pissed that the statue of Hawkeye legend Nile Kinnick recently unveiled outside his eponymous stadium features him... walking to class, carrying a bookbag. This guy makes it sounds like he's portrayed ravishing an unwilling Bea Arthur. Fans have mixed opinions.

(HT: Fanopticon. Read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!)

David Terrell has the chance to be not a headcase any more now that the unholy demonspawn of Charlie Weis Michigan hero Tom Brady is throwing him passes, just like the good old days. is on the case.

Watch out for our Cyborg Superquarterback "Chad Gutierrez" next year. Lord knows that I make the occasional retarded mistake, but I would think that CBS Sportsline and Dennis Dodd have editors or, like, the ability to read the comments on their own post. Dodd's "five questions about the Big Ten" are typical Dodd. Michigan zinger:

Are Chad Henne and Michael Hart washed up child stars?

Sure seems like it. No one north of Iowa City and west of Columbus is talking about them or Michigan. Hart became only the third true freshman to lead the conference in rushing. Henne was handed the starting quarterback job a week before the opener and responded with 2,743 yards and 25 touchdowns at age 19. They can't possibly be that good again as sophomores, can they? Opposing defenses will be concentrating more on them this year. Henne will have to fight off Chad Gutierrez this month to get his job back. Hart will have to run even harder, but behind a typically massive Michigan line.

Thoroughly dumb. Posits that A) Henne's performance was something meteorically spectacular instead of really good for a freshman, B) Defenses didn't notice the man who led the nation in carries last year, C) That there's no way the two can improve from their freshman to their sophomore years, D) That someone named "Chad Guttierez" exists. Then he goes on to call Ron Zook, the frat-assaultin'-est coach in the Big Ten, the epitome of class. As Doctor Sbaitso might say, too little brain so I make big.

There's at least one guy out there who isn't totally sold on how OMG AWESOME the Buckeyes are going to be this year. For a preview of my preview of the Buckeyes, check it.

Did you know that Purdue doesn't play Ohio State or Michigan this year? That's the hot rumor going around.