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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tambellini article from Pitts. I have no comment, other than more swearing. So just infer some swearing here.

Howard's end has come at Northwestern. DE Loren Howard will have season-ending surgery and transfer(!!!) to Arizona State. Strange and horrible for the Wildcats. My revised Northwestern preview: "Why God, why?"

Also in the Big Ten: Buckeye Commentary says that OSU LT Rob Sims, the starter for the past two years, has been shifted to LG and that true sophomore Steve Rehring will be the starter at LT. More line scrambling for the Buckeyes. A vote of confidence in Rehring, seemingly, to insert him at the most important position on the line and displace a senior doing it. And Purdue safety Bernard Pollard was suspended... for trash-talking in practice. Duuude.

Spearing a dead horse gets back in style over at Sunday Morning Quarterback. A late entry to GSBBS05, SMQB joins the good guys. He's also got what's hot and what's not this year.

Uh... Tom Brady, uh... er. Well. Um. Look, here:

'I hate that golden boy image,'' Brady tells writer David Kamp. ''I don't look at myself that way at all! For me to believe I can't do anything wrong, I think that's all bull(expletive). I'm 27 years old, I go do the same (expletive) every 27-year-old guy does, I mean, I drink, I ... ''

''Search the Internet for porn?'' Kamp inquires.

''Everything,'' Brady declares, ''I am no different.''

For the record, I'm 26.

Speaking of tingling sensations, I got one reading this Athlon article focusing on Hart, Henne, and Breaston. Not even the prospect of mobile quarterbacks galloping through our secondary can dim my excitement for the upcoming season. Stewart Mandel's Big Ten preview is up. He has us third. A case can be made for that, but there's not enough content to really pick apart. Take it with a grain of salt.

IBFC has a rundown of last year's preseason buzz, its accuracy, and what it implies for this year's buzz. As always, worth your time.