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Friday, August 26, 2005

Aaah! Cobras!
Desmond will become a permanent fixture on College Gameday this year as sort of a fourth-wheel analyst guy. I don't understand why ESPN thinks this is a good idea since his previous appearances on Gameday with Rocket "Raghib" Ismail have given me night terrors, but whatever. He can't be as bad as Mark May, the Smarminator. Also it will make for more entertainingly paranoid claims of Big Ten bias by teams nationwide.

Dear BWI Nutballs, Lyin' Lloyd Carr put Tim Massaquoi at tight end after he was asked to by none other than Tim Massaquoi:
Michigan gave him that shot. But after spring practice following his freshman year in 2001, Massaquoi, who chose U-M because of the success enjoyed by receivers such as Anthony Carter, Desmond Howard and Derrick Alexander, decided that the talent level at receiver was too great. He dropped by coach Lloyd Carr's office and proposed the move to tight end.
More on Massaquoi in today's News.

Also in the News, Angelique Chengelis displays the real bias of journalists:
Q. What has been the biggest disappointment for Michigan so far during this preseason?

A: No quarterback controversy. Who doesn't love one of those?
ME. Good God, woman, don't you remember the Henson-Brady days?

Leon Hall has snatched the pebble says MLive. Money quote:
"Before, I had goals set, but I didn't go after them so much.''

Deshawn Sims is well regarded by some dude at Scout, checking in at #11 in the country. Now if we could just get a point guard and a tall reboundy guy.