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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am accepting feedback on this thing before I submit it towards the end of the day. I'm open for your input on just about everybody. Suggest away.

1Southern CalThey did give up a ton of yards to the Fightin' Rainbows.
2TexasHeld serve.
3GeorgiaPartially thanks for a really, really fun weekend in the blogosphere, but if UGA gets the Shocker to play like that on a weekly basis, look out.
4LSULost to Katrina.
5Ohio State
This polling thing isn't fun anymore.
7Virginia Tech
I'm not much of a Vick believer; NC State way outgained them in total offense.
Offense is a machine. Defense is very concerning.
9Tennesee7 points over UAB? At least you're not Oklahoma.
Starters out 20 minutes in.
Meyer finds out that Leak isn't much of a runner despite being really tan.
12Notre Dame
Most impressive performance of anyone outside of UGA.
13Arizona State
Waxed Temple, as per the contract.
14LouisvilleNot impressive against UK.
15NC State
Outplayed VT and offense looks much, much better already with Trestman.
16Boston College
ACC prospects looking up?
17Florida State
Yeah, they won... I guess.
I think they'll have a better year despite the FSU loss because Wright alternated great plays with terrible ones instead of just the terrible ones.
19MinnesotaMaroney still good, though Cupito did not look improved at all.
20Georgia Tech
I don't really believe in them but they've got a more impressive scalp than just about anyone not named TCU so far.
Whitehurst for real this time... naw.
22Texas A&M
Dude, go for two.
23Texas Tech
No comment.
Commenters point out that my poll lacked internal consistency given the vicious Cal-beating if I had OU up here and not the Horned Frogs. Guilty.

Dropped Out: Cal, Auburn, Bowling Green, Oklahoma

Games I Saw: Michigan-NIU, Miami-FSU, NC State-VT, Houston-Oregon (about half), UW-BGSU(about a third), Boise-Georgia (lingering slow-mo DVR over and over again), Minnesota-Tulsa (about a third, not paying huge attention), ND-Pitt (first half), Arizona-Utah, GT-Auburn (second half), UK-UL(second half).

(thank God for DVR... literally halves the time a game takes, maybe even more if you FF between plays.)

Please fire away in the comments with objections and suggestions.

Update: Commenters point out a lack of consistency in my logic, so I bumped GT up to #20, dropped OU entirely, and TCU enjoys #25.