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Monday, September 12, 2005

In case you're wandering over here from Kelly Green to see what the thin skin is all about, I banned him for this thread, not what he claims he was banned for and knows full well he wasn't.

He was banned for this:

You really are the most stereotypical UM fan on the face of the planet.

You NEVER lose, not ever. The refs, unforced errors, and bad luck are blamed LITERALLY 100% of the time.

The refs did their best to give you this game on two OBVIOUS non-calls. Thank god for the instant replay guy, because the refs did their very best to hand you the game.

And why do your unforeced errors change the game, but ours go unmentioned? Quinn missed a million WIDE OPEN receivers. If we take unforced errors out of the equation, ND may very well have won by 30 points, so that argument is debunked too.

As for bad luck... luck favors the prepared, and UM was unarguably outcoached.

Sack up and accept a loss for once. Do you even know how pathetic this sounds for the third time in four years? Even if there was some sort of cosmic bias these past 4 years, you would still sound whiny and desperate. Score more than 10 points at home, then we'll talk about the luck of the irish.
and this
"Notre dame did not beat Michigan, Michigan beat Michigan."

Oh, so I must have misread the scoreboard at Michigan stadium. I thought it said "ND 17 - UM 10," not "UM 17 - UM 10." Maybe I need glasses.

"Call it whining, call it being a bad sport."

Ok, I will. You're whining and being a bad sport.

Hey, at least you're still the only undefeated team with one loss.
and this
You don't have to apologize for your inferiority, God made everyone special in their own way.

BTW, thanks for the compliment. I'll be rooting for UM the rest of the year. Here's hoping you go 11-1 and I'm looking forward to another great game next year.

You'd better get your lame excuses ready, next year's loss will be here before you know it.
and this
I agree that your mentality is not based on rationality.


You sir, are the perfect whiny UM fan. You have never, and will never be beaten by anyone. You will simply beat yourselves or get cheated out of every unfavorable contest. This habit of denial has convinced you that losing 3 out of 4 years does not constitute any sort of pattern.
and then, finally, for having the gall to say this without any hint of irony:
Now that this has devolved into an insult contest (which I will not engage in)...
and, in short, for generally and persistently acting like a jerk. It's obvious I made the right decision since he immediately ran back to his own blog and misrepresented the situation. Read the thread, judge for yourself.