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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wow that guy is smart. The inverse of the Wisconsin/Michigan guest post detente is up over at Bruce Ciskie's blog, if you're so inclined. A preview of tomorrow's Wisconsin preview.

Ditto. EDSBS proves that it's over-edumacated. If you like football and took way too many English classes in college, this is the best thing ever.

Whining continues. The Sports Economist on the ND mentality and its annoyances; Soonerfark on the Notre Dame shirt. (HT: EDSBS on the latter.)

OMG MOVING PICTURES can be found in spades over at IBFC. Vijay's putting 500 extra megs of internet space to the best use possible: spectacular Michigan highlights throughout the ages. Part one. Part two. Sweet.

Reason #2 I don't hate State as much as I used to is the RCMB, which is one of the few fan boards on the internet with a decidedly self-depreciating sense of humor. (Reason #1: last year was payback for 2001. Reason #1A: Ryan Miller is gone.) Check their thread on "things safer than a huge lead in a State football game" for evidence.

My favorite: