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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Iiiiiiit's baaaack. Something akin to the horrible, horrible punt formation that lost Michigan the 2003 Iowa game and drove Jim Boccher insane or whatever has made a stunning return to college football, giving me the heebie-jeebies every time I see it. In this new version the three guys lined up in front of the punter "block" people.

That doesn't mean punters like it. The article cited also gives us someone to blame: Wofford coach Mike Ayers.


Still super dreamy. Still Tom Brady.

Do you smell what Leland Anderson is cooking? What? Yeah. Leland Anderson, one of the many transient basketball players that had brief stays at the Brian Ellerbe House Midget Basketball Recovery House [redundancy sic and stolen from David Foster Wallace], is now training to become a wrestler. The whole page is hilarious, but the most hilarious part is the height and weight listing: 6'8", 300 pounds.

If that was true, Anderson--like a 6'4" power forward--wouldn't have had to transfer to Providence after his freshman year. OOOOOHHH YEAH.

The definition of "unenthused" on the left :

That's The Detroit News' Dave Dye in the process of losing a game of NCAA 2006 26-0 (26?) and loving every instant of it. It all comes from this strange News article that's lifted from pretty much every student newspaper in the country: have two staffers play a video game and write about it, though the student clashes are considerably more spirited. (Faint praise, I guess: [INAPPROPRIATE HOLOCAUST REFERENCE] was a national cheerleading competition compared to Dye above.)

Elsewhere, a considerably happier-looking Dye predicts a 38-28 MSU victory. I would do the usual huffy indignation thing but I got nothin'. Nothin', I say.

Recruiting coverage has suffered lately. Let me bring you up to date: Antwine Perez is going to USC and nothing else has happened. It's looking bad for just about everyone. Frowny face. There's this article about VA WR Percy Harvin that focuses heavily on his EMU-attending sister which directly states she wants him at Michigan but also contains this ringing endorsement of the area:

[Lintera] assesses Ypsilanti, on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, as “boring, very, very boring. ... But once those four years are done and I don’t have to be here, I want to go somewhere that I really want to go” for grad school.
Two thumbs way up!