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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The OZone's Michigan Monday is up. Yes, it's Wednesday, yes that means I'm late. Shut up. It's always interesting as an outsider perspective on the team. Only one major quibble: Orr says that the third quarter interception hit a receiver's helmet (it was deflected by Massey) and that the recipient was Darnell Hood (it was Hall).

That must have been a hell of a phone call. Dan Connor's "indefinite" suspension, previously dismissed in this space as a slap on the wrist, may be a serious situation after all. Connor did not play against USF and the decision on his return may not be up to Paterno:

The decision when, and if, Penn State sophomore outside linebacker Dan Connor plays this season may not be made by Nittany Lions coach Joe Paterno.

Connor, who has been suspended indefinitely by Paterno for his role in a series of prank phone calls to a former member of the PSU program, also is being investigated by the university's Office of Judicial Affairs.
(Emphasis mine.) 50YL mentions that there's been some rumor of Connor redshirting. Did Connor threaten someone? Your standard heavy breathing probably wouldn't warrant this sort of punishment. Center EZ Smith is expected to return for the Cincinnati game which, given the Bearcats' performance against Eastern, should be a walkover.

We're #3? Okay, if you say so. Yup, #3 in both polls after Tennessee's 17-10 win against UAB bumped them down a few notches, a good example of people just checking the score and not going deeper that the BlogPoll would never, ever... what? We've got Michigan #3, too? Goddammit. Cut!

You probably already know this but Trev Alberts is FIIIIRED. I'm about to blow every ounce of my hard-earned blogosphere cred, but I think I'm actually unhappy about this. A few years ago when he debuted I hated him, often resorting to the classic Kids In The Hall "I am crushing you" finger-pinch tactic to pass the time while he yammered on nonsensically while rhythmically stroking the giant, turgid stalk of corn he carries with him everywhere, but a funny thing happened. Over time I stopped despising him. I transferred most of my ill-will to Pac-10 sycophant, general frontrunner, and weak-ass goatee sporter Mark May because Trev turned himself into a strange combination of utter ludicrosity and actually quite insightful things. Sure, it was usually two to one in favor of the ludicrosity, but hey, we're talking about ESPN here, you take what you can get.

Credibility says bye bye bye
It was probably no coincidence that my Trev-tolerance skyrocketed at about the same time Nebraska stopped seriously contending for anything other than the title of least worst team in the Big Twelve North, but nonetheless I imagine that whatever replaces Trev may quickly make us wistful for the good old days of Nowledge. Which washed up boy-band member will it be?

OMG I AM FAMOUS. Brief mention of the blog and the poll in the Mercury News. Also plugged are EDSBS ("might be the funniest site"... grrr), BGS, and Fanblogs. I plan on letting this get to my head and embarking on an epic cocaine binge sometime after the OSU game.

(HT: Sharkspage.)

5-7-5. Speaking of EDSBS and BGS, they highlight Haiku UND, which is exactly what it sounds like. I submitted these to the comments:

You ran like dickens
Stole a frozen autumn day
But you still suck, Troy

Fly, Stevie Wonder
They grasp but do not catch you
Go, the zone of ends

Weis E. Coyote
Quite an impressive debut
You are still muy fat*

(this originally said "very fat," which means I can't count.)