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Friday, September 09, 2005

On that injury thing... Tom says that he was told Kolodziej is indeed going to be out:

I heard from a fairly reliable source that Kolodziej is hurt and won't play much, if at all.

I can't guarantee it and haven't verified it with anyone else (thus, I'm not posting it at my place), but I thought I'd let you know it's a possibility.
A contentious Rivals thread, er, used to indicate the same thing before serious rejiggering. That bumps up the probably-independent source count to three (originator of panic on GBW, Tom, this Rivals guy who confirmed the T.Mass injury, which, by the way, was reported as a broken arm by WDFN this morning): I would expect Ruben Riley to start at right tackle tomorrow.

Contrast. While I studiously avoided casting aspersions on Notre Dame, the school, sticking to a just-the-facts approach noting that the football team hasn't been very good the past few years (with, granted, some exaggeration for humorous effect), whoever penned the BGS masterpiece that spent more time on stuff even Strom Thurmond's world-wandering-wraith thinks is really dated could not, spending approximately 80% of his time implying that things that happened decades ago show that Michigan is a foul place indeed. The need to impugn the dignity of the school and program itself is disappointing:
A quick look at the history books reminds us why the Skunkbears [been hanging with OSU fans?] have a wing unto themselves in our Hall of Shame. ... his cowardice was enshrined in UM's schedule for all to see. ... Fear of Notre Dame was a powerful talisman, institutionalized by Yost, and the cowardice and consternation towards Notre Dame oozes out of Ann Arbor even to this day. ...

Yost was but the first in a litany of men of low character to hold the reins at UM. ... Gary Moeller was frustrated that he couldn’t pick Notre Dame up, drink it, and then drive into a ditch. ...

In the end, perhaps we do owe the Skunkbears [juvenile nickname count: 2] a few more tokens of thanks. ... Michigan's villainous spell in the Midwest, ...
Congratulations, guys, for not being able to swallow the bile for even a mere 1,000 words. Cue Domers commenting that it's all true and Michigan is home for anti-Catholic bias and mentioning Kinesiology and claiming that Notre Dame is a magical fairyuniversity compared to evil cheating Michigan in 3... 2... 1...

MSM hiya: Hey, everyone at the Detroit News got dramatic headshots. Unfortunately for Wojo, his kind of makes him look like a stroke victim. Or a zombie. Or (you know the drill) a zombie stroke victim. Wojo picks Michigan 38-34. He also picks 119 total points in the Hawaii-MSU game. The Freep has an article on Woodley that Bruce Feldman pointed out. Feldman also predicts four TFLs for Woodley tomorrow and a 38-27 victory. I'll take it.

ND blog Bare Down has collected a few article from the other side of the aisle. Among the interesting things are a Quinn article and a Teddy Greenstein article that quotes shamed ex-head coach Lou Holtz:
"It's not Michigan anymore," Holtz said Thursday. "They don't tackle the way Michigan did before. I know Lloyd Carr is a good coach and has a good staff, so maybe it's [a lack of] talent. They don't control the line of scrimmage with their front and they don't get as much pressure on the passer. Fundamentally, they're not as good."
Damn. (Aside: Holtz sure got yappy quick for a guy who talked up Navy constantly.)

Eeyore says... we lose. About as surprising as myself saying we win. We both hope I'm right.