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Monday, October 03, 2005

Okay. Hockey season is upon us. As stated previously, my coverage will be feeble until December--I am but one man--but feeble != nonexistent. So I will point you to Yost Built's impressions from a disturbingly close 3-2 exhibition win over Toronto, Michigan College Hockey's Michigan preview, INCH's CCHA preview and recruiting coverage, and a reminder of the new playoff format that has two sets of three game series at home ice rinks and then four teams at the Joe. I'd link to the USCHO CCHA preview but in classic USCHO CCHA coverage fashion, it doesn't exist yet.

OSU--who returns everyone except F JD Bittner--is the consensus CCHA favorite. Michigan's freshman-heavy team is generally projected second. Godzilla is on campus and in uniform, and Andrew Cogliano is indeed OMG FAST. Billy Sauer is going to get the full Montoya treatment. He's the designated starter and any Noah Ruden appearances will be due to exhaustion, injury, or Sauer miraculously making the WJC team.

I'd make some projections, but I'm 0-3 for football this year and in absolute dead-and-not-getting-up last in the BGS pick six--so I wouldn't listen to me anyway.