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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I am not a robot genius, so I urge you to check the comment threads on the UFR posts, as they often contain useful disagreements, corrections, reinterpretations, and discussions that function as good content I don't have to write. The PSU offense thread is a good example.

If you just can't get enough PSU flickr has more pictures, including this beauty that frames the celebration perfectly. Check out sets from users tienmao and Andrew Morell.

And now for something completely insane. Right, if anyone has access to Joe Paterno's computer and wants to set up some desktop wallpaper that will definitely kill him, Andrew Morrell returns with this... thing:

Your guess is as good as mine. Downloadable in 1024 x 768! Is it my wallpaper? You betcha!

Probably the best Michigan basketball preview you'll find this year has been written and is available up at Hawkeye Hoops. I agree with most of it, including the Horton dogging, which I did in my (somewhat dated) preview after exploring his shocking inefficiency with actual numbers. Later I added my own stat-wonkery to the canon started by Kyle, introducing a simple-but-hopefully-interesting "Shots Per Possession" stat that Michigan finished at the absolute bottom of last year.

Whatevs says whatevs about Bill Simmons, and since I am apparently keeping everyone fabulously up to date on everything that's ever said about the man I provide a link.

Congratulations are in order for Bruce Ciskie, who got bumped up to the money gig in Duluth, Minnesota: college hockey. Don't forget the little people, Bruce.

Chris Perry is about three touchdowns away from being the most successful NFL running back from Michigan since... um. That one three-week burst during which Biakubutuka carried my fantasy team before getting Vince Cartered? Sure.