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Monday, October 24, 2005


Like... yay and stuff.

The Original Al Montoya was Marty Turco--and he, you know, won stuff. The always-quotable former Michigan goalie got some ESPN chat time and used a portion of it on this:
Q: What were those four years like for you at the University of Michigan?

A: They were awesome. I went in so inexperienced and naive. I was physically so small. I was 19 years old, 5-foot-10 and 156 pounds, walking into the Big Ten and one of the biggest hockey programs. Being in an environment where you are surrounded by good people and good intentions, where the goal is to go to school and win hockey games -- it's great. That program really helped define me as a young man and provided a great foundation for me as a goaltender. In the end, walking away with a lot of wins and two national championships got me ready, to say the least.

Q: When you were at Michigan, who was the bigger sports star, you or Tom Brady?

A: I'd have to say myself. Tom was relatively unknown. He didn't play much. He was way back on the depth chart. I was playing every night. Hockey was big. It was a harder ticket to get than football back then because we played in such a smaller venue. But he's got a few legs up on me since then.

Q: Especially since Tom Brady made People magazine's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People. How did they forget about you on that list?

A: [Laughs.] I'm not that pretty.

Q: Do you keep in touch with some of the other varsity athletes that were with you at Michigan?

A: To this day, I still hang out with the point guard from the basketball team, Travis Conlan. I golf with Travis, and Brian Griese [Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB]. The three of us always get together in the summer to reminisce for a few days when we're between seasons.

What about Bobby Hayes, Marty?

Uh... thanks, I guess. SMQ on Michigan:
...nobody in college football runs the screen pass better, year-in and out, than Michigan.
I guess that's something.

Michi-blog roundup: RBUAS offered up the best description of Chad Henne possible before the Iowa game:
[After MSU] For the most part I thought what I had thought all year. That “Henne # 7” was just a jersey, and that various talents ranging from NFL quarterbacks to high school band members put it on at random points of a game...
; The People Things declares Jason Avant Appreciation Day and also discusses the team's persistent desire to effing kill Nana.

And this isn't Michi- or -blog, but whatever, here it goes: the O-Zone's Michigan Monday, complete with pointed comments about refereeing.

Yost Built has a recap of the hockey team's 3-3 tie against MSU that somehow barely mentions the blight upon the CCHA that is Mark Wilkins. Wilkins declared an exact replica of the Paukovich check that nearly killed a North Dakota player--the entire reason the NCAA freaked out and made ever check from behind a major and a game misconduct at minimum--to be a two-minute crosschecking penalty. He then gave Tim Cook a major and a suspension-causing game DQ later for something that seemed far less dangerous. I still hold by my Mark Wilkins Theory: extraordinarily ugly people become referees simply so they can travel around pissing off home crowds in a vain attempt get some measure of revenge at the "normies."

Yes, sort of like bloggers.