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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ohio kicker Bryan Wright has committed to Michigan. Wright would probably redshirt next year and then step into Garrett Rivas' shoes in 2006, except with more oomph: Wright broke his school's all-time field goal length three times last year, topping out at 57 yards.

BuckeyePlanet is always useful for Ohio prospects and their thread on Wright does not disappoint:

This kid is the real deal. I saw him in the game this year against Niles. Salem lined him up for a 57 yarder, and I couldn't believe they were doing it. The kick was dead center of the uprights, but was just (and I mean just) short. It would've definitely been good from 52 or 53, and probably from 55. And he was absolutely crushing the ball on kickoffs. It's rare to see a high school kid kick it anywhere near the end zone, and he was consistently kicking it through the end zone. I know it might be hard to believe if you haven't seen him play, but he is definitely worth a scholarship--it would be ridiculous if we didn't offer him one. No doubt in my mind. This kid would be starting here next fall, no doubt. Just imagine how good he'd be if he's already kicking 50+ field goals and touchbacks.
So yay and stuff: replacing Rivas is important and it sounds like we have someone capable in the bag; we even have the luxury of redshirting him and finding out if he's a capable collegiate kicker. Given that the big-time prospects are thin on the ground this year and we don't have a pressing need at many positions, this was a good year to take a kicker. Thumbs up.

Defensive recruiting summary coming later today.