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Monday, November 14, 2005

First... less discursion, more hate! Hate makes strong bones. No hockey this week; Yost Built has your weekend recap.

Briefly. Indiana being the cuddly punching bag of the Big Ten that it is, much joy was not had yesterday. It was nice to get Functional DNP back on the schedule for the first time since Eastern. Vijay has his usual batch of highlights up. Johnny at RBUAS (who I continually almost call "Ron Bellamy") has some assorted thoughts. Joey's new digs at Schembechler Hall apparently don't have an edit function(?); check his comment to himself.

Tom Orr's Michigan Monday is also up and contains this:

Dear Holy God, do NOT kick the ball to Steve Breaston.
Uh... yeah. Ditto re: Ginn. Breaston's imitation of Steve Breaston is heartening, but I'm wary since he pulled the same "guess who's back" routine last year against Northwestern and was then totally neutralized by the Bucks. MM is highly recommended this week (not that it isn't all weeks).

Uh, I don't think so. A few obsessives have noted that the Michigan player participation from the Indiana game claims that supposed redshirts Tim McAvoy and Johnny Sears entered the game. I doubt this is true in a major way. I watch substitution patterns like a really strange, man-lookin' hawk when I attend the game and panic when I don't recognize a number. "25," which is Sears' number, did not appear. McAvoy's 62 is shared with walkon Jon Saigh, who probably got in late. No one's going to burn a redshirt in the 10th game of the year on guys who won't play.

WTF indeed. Michigan did spend the bye week installing all sorts of gadgetry. Then they used it against the mighty Hoosiers, surprising damn near everyone. I mean... they've set up the trasncontinental from the diamon screen for two years now and they break it out against Indiana? And that pitch play to Bass? Count me in with the fans everywhere sporting large cartoony question marks over their heads.

The leading theory espoused was that Michigan was giving the Buckeyes a reason to cease their ferocious pursuit on Michigan running plays by giving them the old trickeration a week early, but I have a different theory: Ohio State knows that Michigan knows that Ohio State knows that Michigan ran those trick plays and thus will throw caution to the wind when facing similar situations, since Michigan wouldn't be so stupid as to run trick play that the Bucks have already seen. So Michigan is setting up the Buckeyes for their trick plays by running the trick plays!

You don't buy that, either? Damn.

Punchline coming. Sam of BC&RS has deduced this:
Find out how!