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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First... I am outraged on behalf of my multitudinous Kazakh fans in regards to Sasha Baron-Cohen's awful portrayal of their country as cow-punching drunkards and stand by them in their hour of need.

Also: Best. Wikipedia. Article. Ever.

Maybe you aren't all evil monkeys sent from space to ruin my life. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has an interesting article written by one of the refs in the 1973 Michigan-Ohio State game.

(Via Fanblogs)

Crackdown on this. Last year during the WCHA tournament Jeff Paukovich broke Robbie Bina's neck with a check from behind. Paukovich was given a minor for the incident, though he was suspended by the WCHA for Denver's next game. As a result, the NCAA declared all checks from behind to be five minute majors and game misconducts.

This decision has proved to be entirely dumb, as you could probably guess. The huge penalty for even benign half-checks from behind has caused anyone near the boards to turn away from incoming checkers, hoping to draw a cheap major. The NCAA's overreaction to one unfortunate incident has caused more harm than good.

Uh, yeah, we all saw this coming. INCH has an analysis of the new rule and also concludes that it's total wack stupid, too.

Yost Built has quarter season grades up, by the way.

You cannot defy science part II. IBFC has scientifically proven that Michigan wins 27-13 via the power of the interwebs.

Yes. Use your hate. Hate makes you strong. Former Michigan quarterback Michael Taylor on OSU:

"But let's be clear -- I'm from Ohio and I don't have any respect for Ohio State. They have always done shady things, which is why I didn't even consider going there. They have lost all aspects of sportsmanship to win at all costs ... that's why their boosters give their players money."
Goddamn! Michael isn't one for diplomacy. (I would throw in an Axis & Allies reference here but EDSBS beat me to it.)

Diplomacy is pretty much out the Window for the rest of the Wolverine blogopshere as well. Johnny from RBUAS lights up bling-sporting Ted Ginn, Sr.; Westsider rider is flying out from California to catch the game for year #7 in a row.

Juvenile fan sites are really sad, especially ones that resort to stupid stuff like this:

Beat M*ch!g@n Week!

What's that you say, that's an official site from the Ohio State University? Should we really call it a "University" any more? How about "retard factory"? The 0H!0 $t4t3 r3t4rD f@ct0ry?

America: now with three wangs! Yeah, well, this is a juvenile fan site, so I invite you to observe the following logo from the new digs of All Things Longhorn:

As noted philosophers Beavis and Butthead might say, hur hur hur. Wang.