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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dagnabit. I forgot a sampling of posts I meant to link to, so here goes.

Return of the man. IBFC has your highlights fix for the week. I hope this is easier to do on a Mac than a PC, otherwise Vijay is slaving over a hot monitor for, like, ever.

Appealing to the ego is always an excellent way to get a link, so All Things Longhorn's interview of me(!) is a deadset lock to get one. Visit and partake of the same stuff you see here but with a lot more orange. I predict a USC loss to Fresno! Yow!

Resistance to the Collective is futile. Pete Holiday has a great post up at Fanblogs about statistics and their correlation with winning. In it, he finds that great defense is a stronger indicator of overall success than great offense... but Michigan State could have told you that.