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Monday, December 19, 2005

Look, so one of the nice things about this blogging enterprise is that you sort of get to know the person behind the blog. Freed of the restrictions and general demands for sterile decorum (or, even worse, forced lame-o "personality" in columns titled things like "The Rant") imposed by Writing For Money, the blogging thing allows the writer to be who they am, in the parlance of our times. So if you peruse this space regularly you should know a few things about me:

  • Likes football.
  • Disturbing opinions re: kittens.
  • Hott(!)
  • Weird.
  • Charmingly absentminded.
The last bullet is the relevant one. I, uh, er, well... thoughttheUCLAgamewasatnoonanddidn'twatchitatallokaybye.


Right. So, I turned the television on at two and said to myself, "self, why is the Michigan game nowhere to be found?" And then I swore. And then I checked the score and swore some more. And then I checked Horton's line (5-17) and Sims' line (1-2) and hoo, boy, it was a festival de # and & and % and * and ! all put together in distinctively implicative ways. Thus, I have no opinion on the game except what I've gleaned from the box score and message board postings. Luckily for you, the voracious blog reader, others are not so hampered. I personally subscribe more to Yost Built's opinion...
I'm not ready to hit the panic button like a lot of people on The Wolverine are. Michigan had a bad game. It happens. Yes it sucks that it happened the first time we played a "real" team, but you can't watch that game and say that Michigan lost because they were facing a more-talented opponent. If Michigan has even a decent day from downtown (and it's not like UCLA had a hand in their face and was making Michigan miss shots) they win that game going away. At one point in the second half, UCLA was 10 of 20 from behind the arc and Michigan was 2 of 18. That's not going to get it done, especially when probably 14 of those 18 were high-quality looks.
...than a lot of the overheated rhetoric you can find on any relevant messageboard you have access to, but then again I didn't actually see the thing. Joey checked in with a lot of bile re: Michigan's strategy... unfortunate misses of wide open threes or inexcusable coaching failure? I have no damn idea. Next time I'll check the tipoff time so I can have opinions of my own.

In the larger scheme of things, Michigan has a selection of nummy morsels left before hitting Big Ten play. If they can take care of Miami (the other one), Coppin State, and Chicago State, they'll come out of the nonconference schedule 10-1 and in good position to make the tournament. The sky isn't falling, though it's probably because the thing never got very far off the ground in the first place.

(HT on the lame-o personality to Mayor Kyle King.)