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Monday, January 30, 2006

Kevin's brother Kelvin Grady, a 2007 PG/WR/RB/CB/KR/pocket magnifying glass, has committed to Michigan (scroll down) on a basketball scholarship. Now a source of confusion in the Grady household can be shared by the entire Michigan family... awwwww.

Grady's going to be the anti-Matt Trannon: he's short (5'10"), will start with basketball and may move over to football after his first year, and has the good sense to stay the hell away from East Lansing. As a football player he had a trio of impressive early offers from Michigan, Notre Dame, and Michigan State; he also had a basketball offer from Xavier. Here's an MLive article if you're so inclined.

The fact that Grady will be occupying space on Tommy Amaker's roster does not stop the super geniuses at ND Nation from proclaiming that this is obviously a sign of Lloyd Carr's desperation:
...what interests me here isn't the pledge itself but what the pledge signifies. It seems to me that Carr is adopting a far more aggressive posture earlier in the recruiting season than what he has operated under recently.

This is the approach that Weis used in his first year in order to build his reputation as a recruiter, some class momemtum and a sense of ineviatably about ND landing a top class under an untested coach.

What's interesting is that in 07 ND and UM seem to have reversed their postures with ND, having established itself under Weis as a strong recruiter/gameday tactician, taking a wait and see approach while Carr jumps out of the gate early.

While I can't pretend to be objective about Michigan the move by Carr reeks of panic.
Here's to you, Mr. Totally Insane Overanalyzing Weis Ballwasher (Mr. Totally Insane Overanalyzing Weeeeeeeeis Ballwasher)!

Kevin and Kelvin have another brother cousin Kervin... ha! I kill me! His name's actually DeMarcus. He's also a junior who plays basketball and football. No word on whether he'll get an offer.

As it stands, Michigan has three commitments for '06 and six open spots for '07. NCAA rules declare that the maximum number of recruits you can have in a basketball class is five, so if Michigan does not pick up a fourth member of the '06 class they have to sit on that scholarship for a full two years. I would expect someone, anyone, to fill that spot, hopefully Illinois SG Patrick Beverly. Michigan now has Alex Legion and Grady in the '07 class and will be scouring the nation for posts.