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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Update 1/24: Removed QB Nick Stephens(Tenn); linked to Steve Schilling article (he's dropped USC); added PA DT Jason Kates. Here's Lemming's Top 100, by the way.

Editorial Opinion: MGoBlog policy is to declare Lemming creepy and unreliable at every opportunity, but data is data. Lemming's top 100 provides a fourth point of reference in our attempts to judge the quality of the incoming recruits.

FTR, Michigan recruits/commits on the list:

  • #14 Brandon Graham
  • #19 Jonas Mouton (uncommitted)
  • #23 Jai Eugene
  • #40 Steve Schilling (uncommitted)
  • #66 Justin Boren
  • #73 Brandon Minor(!)
  • #81 Adam Patterson(uncommitted)
  • #85 Carlos Brown
  • #94 Daron Rose (uncommitted)
  • #99 Steve Brown
  • #100 Greg Mathews
There may have been some transcription errors: QB Pat Devlin is described as "a well rounded back who can catch as well as he can run," which would be quite a surprise for Penn State. Lemming sides with and ESPN on the side of Jai Eugene, supahstar, leaving Rivals' "meh" all by its lonesome. Minor's inclusion is the most surprising divergence from the existing lists, but a senior year injury tends to increase the differences of opinion on a recruit--witness the suddenly out of favor Steve Brown's precipitous drop due to a hurt ankle.

Schilling dropped USC. Sweet. Cal and UW are the other possibilities for Schilling and a lot of people are speculating he'll stay in Washington, but I'd rather his final two being Michigan and UW than Michigan and USC.

Jason Kates? Well... perhaps an ominous sign regarding Marques Slocum, who was supposed to enroll this semester but obviously has not (search the umich directory: no dice). Slocum is still searching for a qualifying test score and will be working his ass off over the next few months to get one, but obviously Michigan is nervous about his status and is looking for other potential DTs. Kates was highly regarded earlier but an indifferent senior year has gurus souring--Scout's dropped him to a two-star. Rivals still has him a four; ESPN has him a 6.6 (the middle of the "good" range).