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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The sound of ratchets; the tweaked blog look. Now thinner, smaller text-ed, and be-watermarked. If you can't read the damn thing anymore, increase the font size: this baby's bulletproof. Within reason.

Soliciting opinions on the avant-garde off-center watermark: stay or go? Does it make things annoying to read?

Ut oh. The Dallas/Fort Worth Star Telegram:

Jerry Jones said although the Cowboys are going outside the current coaching staff to interview Chris Palmer for the offensive coordinator opening, they will look internally for a candidate to replace former linebackers coach Gary Gibbs.

The top candidate appears to be Paul Pasqualoni, who joined the staff as tight ends coach last season.

Pasqualoni, the former Syracuse head coach and linebackers coach, also played the position at Penn State.

University of Michigan defensive coordinator Jim Herrmann's name has been rumored as a possible replacement, but Jones denied Herrmann is a candidate.

"Last week was funny... now the joke's wearing thin..."

Yeah, about that. Hopefully that's bad news for Herrmann and not, like, us, but if it isn't at least we have an open source Letter To God sponsored by Schembechler Hall.
RBUAS has chimed in:
Man above the clouds, if you'd prefer that next year Michigan participated in the Fiesta Bowl rather than The Cast of Con-Air and/or The South Bend School for Accelerating Arrogance, you'll..

..Make Prescott Burgess stop playing with anvils bolted to his legs
..Have Mike Gittleson fired for telling the training staff to fill the Gatorade bottles with condensed milk and melted dove bars
And anon. Fill out your personal bitch-list today!

No no no no no no. Um... nothing like a scary-ass article from Bob McKenzie--a man who knows his hockey--to make one suddenly appreciate the majesty of Jack Johnson and never, ever criticize him again even if he does let Bryan Lerg score shorthanded breakaway goals:
Do not be surprised ... if the Hurricanes get even better before the 2005-06 season is over with the addition of a high-impact player on their blueline. And we're not talking about a trade here either.The player in question is defenceman Jack Johnson, the No. 3 overall pick by Carolina in last summer's NHL Entry Draft.
Immediately after the tournament, Carolina inquired into whether Johnson would be prepared to leave the University of Michigan, where he's in his freshman season, and start his pro career with the Hurricanes.

Johnson respectfully declined, saying he would never leave his Wolverine team in the midst of the season.
Okay. Okay. Breathing again. McKenzie then states that the 'Canes will heavily pursue Johnson as soon as Michigan's season ends, but we knew that already.