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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Now with unstoppable acro-power! Check it, check it... complaints about obscure acronyms begone, as long as you're using Firefox or IE7+. I've discovered the teh sweet "abbr" tag. If you surround text with it, modern browsers will pop up a tooltip if you mouseover said text. So now you know what HWMNBN means! And NSFMF! And TCAIJMU! And, of course, OMG. Don't have Firefox? Get it!

the majesty of decay @ detroitblog
If you had "Terence Moore" in the pool, please pick your winnings up. Moore is the first dimwitted media hack to bag on Detroit. Not that bagging on Detroit makes you a dimwitted media hack: Terence had that all sewed up already.

I've not come here to praise Detroit, but to bury it. The city is a monument to decay. It probably isn't the best place for a Super Bowl. But there's an interesting (and cautionary) tale told by the city. Unfortunately, no one coming into town has the ability to see past the blindingly obvious. That's why they're sportswriters--every time you set the bar for them they manage to snake under it. Luckily for you, the outstanding detroitblog has been chronicling the city's history and architecture for going on three years. A single post is more worthwhile than all the forthcoming Super Bitch columns combined. Highest recommendation.

See! See! Dude, the Knight commission is getting all up in Lemming's creepy business. I'm just going to quote the same stuff Fanblogs did, so here's a link to their fine article on the situation. Here's Rolle:
"He told me if I kept Notre Dame in mind, the NBC (TV) guy would interview me and they would showcase me during the game. He told me I'd have a higher chance of being MVP. I took it as having less of a chance of getting MVP if I didn't keep Notre Dame on my list."
And here's Lemming:
"Myron is the biggest media hound that I've ever seen, I selected him for this game in September, and he played in the game. (Criticism) is part of the business when you select an All-American team. Myron's taking it to a new level. It hurt his ego when he wasn't first-team All-American."
Winner? Well, neither. Both accusations are probably correct. Rolle was hyped as the second coming of Jesus Nagurski earlier in the year as a result of a carefully orchestrated image projection campagin--he plays football! And OMG he wants to be a doctor and has the grades to do so! Meanwhile, Lemming equates Florida State with rectal cancer and Notre Dame with former postman heaven. Pox upon both.

(An aside: if you made me bet on Rolle's future I would say "disappointment." Dude is way too big to play the position he wants to, didn't perform well in the AA bowl, and--this is important--is more than a year older than most high school seniors. This happens all the time in the hockey world, and fans of NCAA Hockey are used to mentally rounding overage seasons down. He's a year closer to his ceiling than everyone he plays against. Note that this also applies for OMG SHIRTLESS QB Jimmy Clausen, who's ranked the #1 player in 2007 by everyone so far. He plays at a school with a ton of DI prospects in a league of scrubs and went through the same "do eighth grade twice" thing Rolle did. Plus, he's a Clausen. This == extremely high probability of hilarious, Powlus-level bust.)

One last thing on the recruiting tip: this Jim__S guy who posts on the message boards is really, really into Michigan high school football and recruiting. He occasionally dumps opuses that are worth reading if you're into the recruting thing. You can read his latest on the Rivals free board... or pay for a Scout subscription(!!!) if you like. You stay classy, Beaver, and I'll continue being that naysaying bible guy.

The Basketball Relevance Tour gets started tomorrow in Happy Valley. Big Ten Wonk discusses the #1 dullest hoops blog topic (officiating) and comes to the conclusion that Michigan is getting pity whistles. Wonk also points out this wack article in the Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel that starts with this graf:
What Michigan has done so far shouldn't have surprised anyone.
Say what what? Sure, Daniel Horton operating at unprecedented levels of efficiency was totally expected. That's why we were all telling Daniel to stop shooting, stop shooting, and for the love of God, please stop shooting.

Daniel: shoot.

(Also: notice in Chicago; Joey is frothing with happy foam.)

Etc.: Jim Tressel's blog features headlines like "It's a Pitty You Can't Stab Real Hookers," "Global Warming is Horse Shit," and "The Five People You Meet In Mitch Albom's Vagina." It is obviously the best thing ever. I want to stress one point: This is the real blog of Jim Tressel. It is not a fake.

The stars! They spread to hockey!