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Monday, February 20, 2006

Beckett says: $0.25 ^^
Michigan has received a verbal commitment from safety Artis Chambers from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Apparently he had this wicked sweet dunk when he was a 5'8" freshman, a tall tale confirmed by this mysterious biographical squib that mentions the windmill throwdown and also offers the critical information that Chambers enjoys chicken and golf. Don't we all. Except the part about the golf.

...and this is the part where I wake up the next day and see that Johnny has already googled the hail out of Chambers, referenced the chicken and golf thing, and found this beauty of a photo--it appears to be Chambers and an offensive lineman crooning something like "The Time of My Life" at some sort of public gathering. Good times. Seriously, just go over there and check it out, since it's exactly what I was in the midst of doing last night before going to bed.

If you don't care about Michigan football enough to click a link: Chambers appears to be one of the top prospects in Indiana and thus will likely end up a solid four-star and could slide in at the bottom of a top 100 or two. An early offer is always a good sign.

(Note: I disagree with Johnny's assessment of the safety situation in a couple ways: Indianapolis Warren Central's Jerimy Finch could play linebacker and Ronald Johnson could play corner, so I don't think this closes any doors. Also, the cavemen at Buckeye Planet are muttering positively about Clifford after writing him off earlier in the year--not conclusive but not good, either.)