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Monday, February 27, 2006

Update 2/27: Added IN WR Adrien Robinson, NJ OL Matt Bush, NY QB Mike Paulus, FL WR Leonard Hankerson, MI S Derek Knight, MI TE Ryan VanBergen, MI TE Josh Rooks.

Removed TX RB Bradley Stephens (A&M).

Linked to article on Joseph Barksdale that also mentions his teammate S Zach Easterly, who has been added. Linked to article on Dionte Allen: he's been offered by FSU and mentions a top two of FSU and Michigan.

Linked to some credible-ish message board speculation. Also: introducing the Star Scale for Rumor Credibility.

  • 0-star: incoherent ravings.
  • 1-star: clearly biased speculation without backing.
  • 2-star: Some guy saying something on some board that claims insider info due to a chance occurence.
  • 3-star: Information from someone less established as an insider but a frequent poster who seems sane and useful.
  • 4-star: recognized insider-type person with no ax to grind who has established his bonafides on past recruits.
  • 5-star: actually verified by an article and a quote from the player, a family member, or a coach.
So. Cutoff is two stars... sometimes three. Played by feel. Anyway: three links to Unverified Voracity. Some guy says we're in good for Finch but not Evans from Warren Central: two stars. Semi-frequent BP poster unionfutura details the RoJo situation and lays out Michigan's advantages in full: three stars. Confirmed inside Colerain dude Honor & Glory says OSU leads for Clifford: four stars. In the future there will be denotations as follows:
UV: the information in sum(star rating).
Links will be provided so you can judge for yourself; posts that will fall into the memory hole will be copied for posterity.

Editorial Opinion: Allen has been regarded as a Michigan lock by message board denizens for a long time--and there's probably good reason for that. Coaches of other schools are likely aware of that but he still has early offers from FSU and USC: he's good, and it sounds like he could actually be a five-star.

Clifford was also rumored to be favoring Michigan earlier, but you can take what H&G says about Colerain kids to the bank. He might change his mind but right now I would expect him to go elsewhere.

Johnson caused a mini-panic with some recent comments, but there's every reason to believe that his uncertainty is temporary and that Michigan remains on track to sign him.

Link here.