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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quickly, since Monday all this will be crusty... You're probably already reading RBUAS on a regular basis, but he's happy about the Illinois win and you should read all about it.

Good news: '06 guard recruit K'len Morris dropped 39 on the same night Horton did. A local television station has a story and some highlights, though the story was written before the 39 points.

Bad news: Lesters Abraham and his severely sprained ankle still have no definite return date. People are thinking maybe the Big Ten tournament... but maybe not.

I have a new favorite reaction to the third down stuff from a Florida State board:

This guy is an Ohio State fan...I looked at his main blog...particularly on his comparison of FSU vs OSU defense.
Um... okay then. It must have been all the maize and blue that gave it away. Or maybe it was Ohio State basketball star Daniel Horton.

Until Monday, at which point I hope to have recovered enough from the asskicking Canada handed the US in curling to address it... and I'm only sort of kidding.