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Thursday, February 02, 2006

One for the WTF files: at the tail end of a column about this year's uninspiring NBA draft crop, SI's Marty Burns throws this curveball:

"It's like a vicious cycle," says one Eastern Conference assistant GM.

Or a lot like life in the USA these days: the rich get richer, and the poor get ... well, the chance to hope and pray.

Um... WTF? Did I accidentally find myself at Salon? Agree or disagree with Burns' dystopic take on capitalism, how does that have any business in a sports column?

Er. "Bears to Interview UM's English Today," says Rivals. English has been rumored to be a hot name for various NFL teams and was rumoured to be discontent with the defensive philosophy forced upon him by those with more input on the game plan. If he gets offered a job he may go; the fact that he's interviewing for the DB coach position probably means that a move to defensive coordinator if he stays is not a slam dunk.

Someone needs a "handling the media" class. Michigan wide receiver Adrian Cannon on why he didn't go to Michigan State:
Why not MSU? The coaching situation there. I don't want to learn one system then turn around and learn another. I thought they'd give him (John L. Smith) the boot this year. I think next year is it for him.
That blue chips column the News runs every year features "Why not UM/MSU" for every player, which kind of a douchebag move if you ask me. Gee, I wonder why players signing with Bowling Green or Cincinatti didn't go to Michigan? (No offense to any MAC fans out there.)

Cannon's faux pas is peanuts compared to Texas A&M recruit Terence McCoy's, though:
“They take care of you down there,” McCoy said. “I know from my brother they keep your pockets full, give you plenty of money, keep feeding you meals. Besides that all the help they give you with football. They keep you on your grades with private tutoring. Just good all-around.”
Uhhh... ixnay on the ellingte the ediame about the eatingche, Terence. (via everybody... but here's an EDSBS link just because.)

It's communicable! Pat of Bleed Blue 'n' White takes up the Upon Further Review flag with a play-by-play analysis of Penn State's Orange Bowl victory... and he one-ups MGoBlog by starting his trilogy off with the ignored-in-this-space special teams. Is this evidence of MGoBlog affecting the national conversation???? Er, probably not. But I'm happy to have company. Anyone else out there deranged enough to break down your football team's games in paranoid detail is more than welcome to use the "Upon Further Review" name. I will offer any tips you need on table HTML/general insanity.

I have a peculiar affection for the RCMB despite its ravenous hatred of all things Wolverine. Their latest obsession is Brent Petway. Wander over... explore the glory:
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This dweeb's favorite basketball player is Brent Petway
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Outstanding! Expect mass suicide if they lose to us at home.

Etc.: Larry Foote gets profiled in the NYT; Grant Bowman in the *cough* WSJ.