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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Paper... er, Internet Telephone. Right! On that Jon Tenuta guy: there's no meat to that particular rumor, as I indicated in the last post:

what follows is total wild-ass speculation, voracity at its most unverified, literally a list of names nutballs on message boards have thrown out
EDSBS saw that and posted something with the headline "Jon Tenuta to Michigan?" and this is how we all got convinced Chris Perry's spleen exploded--by not checking the source. Idle speculation now turns into an Internet rumor train--not that EDSBS did anything other than point to my post and say "this is interesting and we hate Chan Gailey" and thus are totally blameless, but that's showbiz. Tenuta's there for no reason other than he would probably regard the job as a step up and might cause spontaneous nocturnal emissions if hired; that's why he got included. There are no insiders whispering about him. You may now resume your candelight vigil with reduced expectations.

This is an example of blogs destroying the universe; mea culpa. Chagrined, I shall be more cautious in the future.

But since I haven't decided to kill myself, we move on. I think this little masterpiece from the RCMB is supposed to be insulting in some way, but I think it's the greatest thing ever, save Dick Vitale's presence:

Outstanding. If you hear me inexplicably referring to Face, Murdoc, or BA Baracus in future discussions of Michigan basketball, this is why.

They're pissed! They're not pissed! Ron English's sudden post-signing-day departure understandably upset Jonas Mouton's coach:

The high school coach of one of Michigan's newest recruits, California safety Jonas Mouton, expressed frustration at the timing of the move by English, who recruited Mouton. English was offered the Bears' job last Thursday, one day after Mouton and other high school seniors signed binding national letters of intent.

"It's pretty disappointing for Jonas,'' Venice High School coach Angelo Gasca said. "One of the links these young men have to the university is the coaches that they have relationships with.''

Jonas, having signed a LOI, is sort of screwed. He could decide to transfer right away but would lose two years of eligibility instead of one. This isn't an issue anyway, as Mouton's mother confirmed:
"We didn't know that Ron was looking elsewhere when Jonas sent in his letter. But we know that coaches move around, and he is happy with Michigan and he is looking forward to going there. I guess they want him back there in July."
S'all right? S'all right.

Side note: Mouton's mother is named "Duran." God willing, her middle name is also Duran. That is all.

The smiting continues. There were a series of posts in the blog's infancy all about how God was busy smiting the various bits of the basketball team and Jason Ryznar. The smiting continues, as Lester Abram is going to miss tomorrow's Ohio State game. $&*#&@!

Rivals also has a free update on the performance of Michigan's '06 and '07 basketball recruits.

Etc: The M Zone cosigns my letter of protest to EDSBS; Joey applies to be an assistant football coach, but makes the fatal mistake of mentioning the word "punt" only once and implying that he doesn't like said act. Next!