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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Update 3/8: Linked to article on CA CB Michael Williams that says Michigan is in his top two. Added PA WR Toney Clemons. Linked to Scout article on MI LB Chris Colasanti and one on IN LB Jerimy Finch. Added MI TE Martell Webb, who has been offered. Linked to Scout article on IL RB Robert Hughes.

BP thinks Brandon Saine just picked up a Michigan offer, BTW.

Editorial Opinion: I'm not entirely sure, but I think the other team leading for Michael Williams is USC. You are advised keep your excitement on "top two" appropriately muted if that's the case. Clemons just won some camp MVP or another and is widely regarded as the top prospect in Pennsylvania, so he should end up on everyone's top 100 lists.

Of note in the Scout articles... Colasanti is looking for a quality academic program, no foolies:

“My favorites are Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Boston College, Stanford, Notre Dame and Penn State. I really don’t have a leader. I grew up a Notre Dame fan because of the whole ‘Rudy’ thing. I thought it would be cool to play football there but now I’m just looking for the best fit.”
The Finch article is hilariously titled:

Will Hoosiers Factor In with Finch?

Survey says... no! The following talent evaluation comes with a Use of Word "Freak" or "Stud" Warning:
“Finch is a freak of nature,” Pool says. “He has the size of a linebacker and hits like one as well, but has the speed and instincts of a defensive back. Finch is versatile and could develop into a linebacker at the next level.”
The Hughes article contains high praise for OSU:
“Ohio State was real cool,” Hughes explained. “They didn’t offer me a scholarship but the coaches talked to me about Chris Wells and where I would fit in. Ohio State is a great place. The stadium and facilities were incredible.

“Out of all the junior days, I’d say that Ohio State has been the most impressive so far."

The offer for Martell Webb is either interesting or fictitious -- could be either at this point. If it's interesting, it's... um... interesting. Webb didn't even show up on Rivals' initial top 25 in-state football recruits and, while this is an exceptional year in-state, that would usually be straight MAC territory populated with the occasional Carson Butler-esque sleeper. Webb's 6'5" and thus probably a TE prospect, which would partially explain an early offer--it's a position of need--but the state has a few others who are more highly ranked.

On Saine: flimsy offer rumor offers pretext to highlight his video (via SunshinePreps), in which he looks all Roadrunner and shizz. I have him tentatively listed as a CB, but I may have to move him back to RB.