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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Update 3/15: Linked to IL OL Miles Stroter article. Added FL OL James Wilson and MI TE Cameron Joplin. Linked to Josh Oglesby article that is sure to cause conniption fits. Linked to Toney Clemons article. Linked to Rivals piece with content on MI QBs Stephen Threet, DeMarcus Grady, and Justin Siller, plus an initial top five for NC WR and blue-chippah Greg Little that does not include Michigan. Added VA QB Pete Lalich, who has been offered. Added AL CB Phelon Jones.

Editorial Opinion: Here's the quote from Oglesby that might make you twitch momentarily before you remember that you're not one of those people:

“I you press me to name a top seven right now then I’d have to say it would be Wisconsin, Notre Dame, USC, Florida State, Ohio State, Iowa and probably Nebraska over Michigan.

“Nebraska because when they offered me a scholarship, they had every single coach send me a hand-written letter and that meant a lot to me, Wisconsin did the same thing.

“I don’t want to seem cocky or ungrateful but Michigan just isn’t recruiting me as hard as these other schools."
Revised Oglesby-in-blue predictions are now hovering in the single digits. I don't seriously believe that Michigan is somehow shorting Oglesby the proverbial "love" -- and he doesn't seem like the kind of kid who requires that sort of thing anyway -- but often one's perception of attention is a reciprocal enterprise. Alas, it would seem that we just aren't Oglesby's type.

Also on the not-likely list: Greg Little. Not surprising, as every school in the country appears to have their woo on as regards Little, and not critical, since Michigan is reportedly looking good for South Carolina WR Junior Hemingway and liked 6'5" Michigan sleeper Martell Webb enough to offer at this early date.

On the bright side, 6'7" robot/artillery piece/quarterback Ryan Mallet appears to be dangling ever closer to Scot Loeffler's clutches. Texas, Michigan's main competition for Mallet, is on the verge of picking up a commitment from QB John Chiles, a dual-threat type who's probably going to end up in the top 50 when Rivals releases its first actual rankings.

That wouldn't remove Texas from the running entirely, but it would probably hurt. Mallet would already be trying to unseat a sophomore with a year's worth of starting experience (either Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead); now he (likely) faces another highly regarded quarterback in his class. Mallet would probably have to wait until his redshirt junior year to start unless both McCoy and Snead fall on their faces. Michigan's situation in 2007 is a senior Henne plus two unheralded recruits. Mallet would have the opportunity to redshirt and then start.

Link here.