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Friday, March 31, 2006

I am the master of inadvertent delegation. Two posts that I don't have to add anything to: Maize 'n' Brew has a full-blown NIT recap up that pre-emptively obsoletes any I could concoct; Yost Built does season grades for the hockey team's defense and goaltending. Forwards are coming.

I promise I am using the time I would have spent on these things productively (more data bashing, FYI).

In other Michigan-persons-writing: Football Outsiders editor Russell Levine has an excellent article on autism on

I never loved grainy three-inch video before Paris Hilton March Madness On Demand. Millions agreed with me, including CBS honchos with big plans for MMOD next year. Most critically: still free.

I refuse to believe this on general principles, but The Wolverine's Michael Spath says that this could be the first offseason in a long time that Michigan hockey escapes unscathed from:

While there has been word this week that T.J. is gone, he took notice Tuesday when Jack decided to stay. Likewise, Hunwick saw the commitment Johnson was making and now seems eager to stick around. Really, Hensick is the bigger of the two flight risks, but he's been in and around Yost this week and the feeling is he will not leave.

The feeling actually is that there will not be ANY early departures for the pro ranks.
Since this is the academic year '05-'06 and you are a Michigan fan, you are undoubtedly wondering "what's the catch?" The catch is this:
there could be an early depature or two, most likely MacVoy or Naurato because of issues with playing time and a desire for a new opportunity somewhere else. In fact, there is a VERY strong sentiment that MacVoy won't be around in two years.
To boot, Spath says '07 prospect Pat Kane -- the NTDP U17 team's leading scorer last year -- is leaning towards the OHL over Michigan.

One other note: the Edmonton Oilers will (again) not have an AHL affiliate next year, which further lessens the chance that Andrew Cogliano will jump. That seemed like a pretty unlikely prospect in the first place. Now the chances are remote.

Etc.: A brief video package on incoming LB Brandon Graham (you'll have to find the link -- it's an annnoying popup); The Indianapolis Star breaks down athletic department budgets: Michigan has the second most profitable department in the country with a $17 million dollar surplus.