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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And now we return to football recruits who are actually going to be on scholarship: Michigan has picked up its third commitment from Whitehall, Michigan TE/DE Ryan VanBergen. Given the recent luck of Michigan DEs with a "Van" in their name, let's hope he's a TE.

Unfortunately, the Internet turns up little on Van Bergen save the world's most unflattering photo of him:

Yeesh. Must... not... make... Special Olympics jokes... SPOCK. There is one article from the White Lake Beacon on his performance at last year's Michigan camp:
VanBergen is an imposing 6’5”, 238 pounder who played outside linebacker and tight end last year as a sophomore and will be switching to defensive end this season. ...
Cannon and VanBergen each received plaques for being in the top 10 players in their position. That’s impressive considering they were competing against 360 top athletes from around the country at their position.

In addition, VanBergen was moved up to the senior linemen age group despite learning a new position, and he won the “Smokehouse” trophy for running the fastest indoor 40 yard dash in his position.
He's ranked #15 on The Wolverine's preliminary instate top 25; normally that would be three stars all the way but with the surfeit of talent in Michigan this year and the fairly impressive early offers from a variety of Big Ten schools chances are he gets a four-star rating from Rivals when evaluated. The top 25 also gives some indication of what position he's being brought in to play:
Like him as a defensive end, but love him at tight end. Really looks like a wide receiver running routes, but is so much bigger than everyone else.
I'll file under TE. It would probably be wrong of me to point out that I kind of sort of predicted an offer mere days ago, but apparently I just did it anyway.