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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Posting will be light today...

...but content yourself with enigmatic basketball insider DOTMAN's trademark : ) -- generally indicative of a commitment or damn near close to one -- in re: Patrick Beverly, a guy who enigmatic Adidas honcho Sonny Vaccaro says nice things about:

Beverley was not even on the top 100 list for McDonald's,'' Vaccaro said. "He was one of those non-entity guys who didn't get a big-time name in the summer. He was good last year, and his high school was good. But the kid was still a mystery. This is a kid from Chicago, not from rural Tennessee or Mississippi. The only one I can think of to compare him to is Dwyane Wade.

"Beverley is the best-kept secret in the country. All over America, he is the singular guy who has put himself in an all-star game. All these guys that people recruit and he was going to [Toledo], and now he has a list of major schools after him.''
I'm pretty sure that quote is recycled from an earlier article about this game, but the dateline on this one says April 4th.

Of course, the whole Alex Legion fiasco puts a damper on basketball recruiting news. Maize 'n' Brew has an appropriately resigned take for your edification.