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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Update 4/9: Linked to article on MI LB Chris Colasanti. Removed OR DT Myles Wade (dropped us) and CA QB Chris Forcier(UCLA). Linked to meatnormous article on NY QB Mike Paulus. Added FL LB Ronnie Lillard. Linked to article on MI OL Darris Sawtelle -- sounds like it's Tennessee before too long (er... I mean "it's Tennessee now") and article on MI DE Ryan VanBergen -- yes, a DE.

Also: added OK RB Gerald Jones.

Editorial Opinion: Gone are Forcier, Wade, and Sawtelle. No surprises in the bunch. Michigan is after Ryan Mallet and never offered Forcier, Wade is from Oregon, and Sawtelle's grandfather fought for the Tennessee Volunteers in the Civil War or something.

The VanBergen article has this sentence:

He is projected to play defensive end in college, however, a switch to tight end hasn't been ruled out, according to VanBergen.
I'll move him accordingly. Since the article also lists him at 253 pounds, a move inside is a possibility as well. More stats:
Last year, VanBergen finished with 59 solo tackles, including 32 for loss, seven sacks and four interceptions. Offensively, he had 20 catches for 274 yards and four TDs despite suffering a shoulder injury midway through the season for the 4-5 Vikings.
Chris Colasanti is going to make an early decision:
"My coach is pushing for me to decide by mid-summer. That's why I have taken so many visits. I don't know how to tell who are my top five without taking these visits. I'll probably narrow to a top five at the beginning of the summer, then a top three, and then make my decision."
Michigan's extensive linebacker haul last year might hurt our chances:
"My goal is to play early," he explains. "My dad and I are always on the Internet - how many linebackers a school takes each year and how many are in front of me. I work hard and believe in myself, but don't want to wait four years for my chance."
Colasanti is probably going to end up more highly ranked than anyone from last year's class other than Brandon Graham, though.