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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is just like that bit in Cruel Intentions... er, I mean Dangerous Liasons. What the hell am I talking about? Here's a quote from presumptive NHL signee Matt Hunwick:

"If Jack's back, and he's our highest-profile player, I can't see why anyone else should leave," Hunwick said. "That tells you how special Michigan really is."
Earlier in the article Antoine Pitts claims that...
Last week, [TJ] Hensick and Hunwick both said there's always a slim chance they could leave early but couldn't see themselves giving up their senior years.
... without offering the actual quotes up for reassurance. Could it be true? Or is this all a cynical ploy that will unravel with the revelation of a cocaine addiction and the playing of "Bittersweet Symphony"? Stay tuned! Or something!

I for one refuse to believe that Michigan will escape the offseason without a defection until I verify the existence of each player during the Blue-White game in the fall. But... hope?

(via Yost Built)

Talk about burying the lede. BGS posted something about a bunch of Notre Dame neutral site games against the likes of South Florida but left this beauty of a phrase uncommented upon:
At last weekend's Rockne Dinner in Chicago, between Charlie saying the only reason he'd leave ND is if he were fired, he died, or he retired, and Aaron Taylor's claim that he's leaving ABC Sports to become an elementary school teacher, the big news was Kevin White's announcement of some of the locations for future "neutral site" Notre Dame games.
O frabjous day! No more banalities uttered from the side of Taylor's mouth. No more shiny head. No more broken knuckles from punching the TV*.

Also: are we sure Taylor said "teacher" and not "student"? I'm just sayin'.

*(except when Dick Vitale, Bill Walton, and many, many others are on it. So that should probably read "fractionally fewer" broken knuckles.)

Etc.: Beverly had a strong game in the Roundball Classic; Mark Hasty busts out the Big Ten Similarities Engine; I can't recommend SMQB's random previews enough.