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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh, yes.

It's almost time, and so... more crazed Japanese NBA (Link is essentially just what's above, but make sure you scroll down for the cutest devouring ever if you click.) (HT: Detroit Bad Boys)

If yesterday's overanalysis wasn't enough for you, Michigan Sports Center has another spring "game" recap with some differing opinions -- I actually disagree with everything before his bullets save the disappointment with the quarterbacks -- but let that not dissuade you. And I love Vijay because sometimes it's nice to have player-by-player progress reports and projections for everyone on scholarship.

BC&RS has more Michigan baseball; Yost Built is covering hockey... no one's left yet. Yay.

Back to normal? Patrick Beverly announces his choice between Michigan and Arkansas tomorrow... and given the level of freakout going on at the various message boards it does not sound anything like it did mere days ago when enigmatic baskeball insider DOTMAN was dropping :) and milk and honey ran through the land. Losing Beverly would probably require re-inventing "Amaker" as a verb. I'll use it in a sentence:
"Dude, what happened? You were in! She's so hot... and where is she now?"
"I dunno. I thought she was so into me. I got amakered, man."
"Harsh. What are you going to do now?"
"See that girl with the mole?"
"That's a mole? It looks more like a ferret superglued to her jaw."
"You know the stadium seating you had installed in your bedroom?"
"I don't think I'll be renewing my season tickets."
Aaaand scene.

We haven't lost him yet, though. I'll tell you when he announces. A bit of good news: DeShawn Sims was named the MVP of the Capital Classic -- and he's signed a LOI so it's okay to get somewhat invested in him.

Etc.: Chris Heisenberg analyzes the changes in Hockey Canada's rules and says they're a transparent attempt to keep the NCAA's mitts off of big time Canadian juniors. Save the childrens indeed.