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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

... as you might already know, since the news broke yesterday. Webb is a 6'5", 210 pound WR/TE from Pontiac Northern who is fairly unknown at this point. Michigan offered him a month or two ago and State followed suit soon after, but he isn't getting the sort of hype many other in-state prospects are and thus attempted google-stalking turns up a bunch of basketball stories and little else. Yahoo replicated a Rivals article from the Michigan State site that has a couple useful pieces of information. 1) He believes he's a WR recruit:

"I like wide receiver the best, some schools have also talked about tight end, but I actually prefer wide receiver. Both Michigan and Michigan State are recruiting me as a wide receiver."
2) He's planning on attending a NIKE Camp:
Webb informed us that he will be attending the Ohio State Nike Combine in May and is looking forward to matching-up with some of the talented defensive backs who will be there as well.
Webb might decide against attending now that he's settled on a school, but if he does it'll give us a chance to see if he generates any buzz there.

Despite the quote from Webb about wide receiver, chances are he's going to end up at tight end given the wide array of receivers Michigan is pursuing. By contrast, instate tight ends like Joplin, Rooks, and Weaver are still waiting on offers despite Michigan's obvious need at the position. That would make Webb a project: 210 pounds does not scream ready to run block.