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Friday, May 12, 2006

We have a winnah. There were several strong entries into the Second Ever MGoBlog Caption Contest. For reference, the picture in question:

Commenters were asked to speculate on what Laimbeer was saying to Kid Rock.

Official Suck Up To MGoBlog Winner: After some discussion about the guy to Kid's right being UM Regent Larry Deitch, CrimeNotes chipped in with this...
Laimbeer: "Hey, Kid Rock, that's Larry Deitch to your right."

Rock: "Let's encourage him to install luxury boxes in Michigan Stadium."
...which is hilarious to me but too close to my heart to render fair and impartial judgement upon.

First Runner-Up: The simply named "dave" with "Hey Kid, which do you think is bigger, Pam's chest or Mahorn's ass?"

And the Winnah is: Other Andrew with "Give it one more album and they'll hate you everywhere but in Detroit, too." Congratulations, Andrew! You win the traditional bag of nothing.

(My personal contribution: "Ma'am, have you ever thought about playing in the WNBA? The beard would fit right in.")

On that Finch thing: Er, he did indeed "commit," but his idea of a verbal commitment is somewhat less robust than that of the world at large. Finch intends to take official visits in the fall according to both Scout and Rivals (both $), so there's some chance that he ends up elsewhere. However, that seems like a small chance what with Warren Central's affection for the Maize and Blue, Chris Graham's influence, and our impending 2007 national championship. Cough cough.

The Finch commit-like substance also served as a high-pitched signal to Michigan bloggers to bust out the recruiting coverage. Johnny's done some googlestalking of his own, complete with hilarious picture of Max Emfinger about 300 pounds lighter than my mental picture of the man; Vijay busts out a board of his own; Stadium And Main has a comprehensive recap of all commits to date.

The only thing I have to add to the collected goodness is that FB commit Vince Helmuth was evaluated by ESPN and came out fairly shiny with a 78, the same score probable Scout/Rivals four stars Artis Chambers and Ryan VanBergen got. The take-home lesson: "a bulldozer of a fullback to say the least ... excellent at attacking defensive players, has great leg drive and can create enough movement to allow his running back to have some space through the hole." Hopefully that will silence the occasional griper -- dude sounds like Dudley.

Also in the Wolverine-... er... -osphere: Winged Helmets has started fretting about next year already, and Vijay has an excellent post on the sad fate of Tony Boles complete with video.

Combine a no go? On August 1st, independent combines are going to take a major hit. The NCAA is going to ban college coaches from attending them and prevent them from being held on college campuses. Pitt Sports Blather has both sides of the story.

Random Bitching: why no NBA playoff games yesterday? Does that make any sense to anyone? The are four days between games in the Cleveland-Detroit series when the Thursday designated by nature to be the date of game three is totally devoid of any and all games... I'm befuddled. Did the WB call up and tell David Stern not to eff with Smallville or something?