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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update 6/10: Added IL OL Dave Molk, who checks it towards the bottom of the Scout 100 and plans to cap for a day. There's also this fantastic, fantastic story. Linked to article on Dionte Allen (will camp) and Marshall Jones (M in top four). Removed Justin Trattou (ND) and John Ditto (PSU). Linked to large thing from Fox Sports that contains notes on MI WR Mark Dell and WI RB John Clay.

Added CA WR Marques Simas, CA WR Zion Babb, TX CB Troy Woolfolk (son of Butch), AZ DE Everson Griffen (OMG shirtless). Removed Kris O'Dowd (dropped us).

Editorial Opinion: Apparently the Notre Dame staff forgot to slip the E they give everyone else into Molk's lunch:

“We had a lunch after the camp but the (Notre Dame) coaches all sat in one corner and didn’t talk to anyone and I didn’t get that. When we left, Coach Ianello told me that he’d be in touch.”
He lists about half of the Big Ten plus West Virginia as favorites:
“My favorites right now are Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan State and I’d probably say…..Northwestern.” Molk said.

“As far as commitment is concerned, I’d like to get it done before the season, hopefully by August.”
Cautious optimism in this corner. Molk projects as a center.

There's been mild concern about Dionte Allen, widely presumed to be a Michigan lock but hesitant about committing already, dammit. If you like obsessively reading between the lines (and who doesn't?), this article should be reassuring. Allen has repeatedly asserted that his childhood dream school was FSU, so a visit there seems threatening until this quote implies that he isn't taking it very seriously:
"The coach said I didn't have to come to that [camp], so I'm not going," said Allen regarding the FSU camp. "I'm just going down there to visit a bit in July. I'm just going to see what it's like."
Also, speaking of "E," that's what he calls charismatic new defensive coordinator Ron English:
"I was talking to Coach E (AKA, Michigan DC Ron English) about it and I'm probably coming down for the camp."
The power of E compels you to commit! Er.

There's been much confusion about the status of WI RB John Clay: does he have an offer? Why the hell wouldn't he, being OMG shirtless and all? Well, this FoxSports article claims he has one, so there's that, but also implies that Wisconsin is the probable destination. This can't bode well, either:
"I'll definitely see how loaded they are," he said. "If they are very deep, I won't look at them. I want to get my degree and I'm looking at schools with a good grad rate. I also want a running program that has a good tradition of running backs."
Pay no attention to the Brown/Grady/Minor behind the curtain.

That same article says still no offer for MI WR Mark Dell, though Dell still lists Michigan in his top four. With a bunch of offers already out for guys like Clemons and Hemingway, Dell might end up on the outside looking in unless he impresses at camp.

We're still hanging in there with Marshall Jones, but if you would like my opinion I am less than bullish on the prospects of pulling him away from the West Coast. He says he'll visit, so there's a chance.

Finally, this is a month old aaaand from Tom Lemming, but there are assertions in it that you can take or leave at your pleasure. First, M leads for IL RB Robert Hughes, who is, um, "getting pounded by everybody." Illinois leads for IL OT Miles Stroter; Michigan is in the chasing pack. And Martez Wilson is a very bad man:
As for defensive linemen, perhaps the best pure pass rusher in the country is Simeon product Martez Wilson (6-4, 235 lbs.), who runs a 4.5. This is a high school best known for its basketball players. Last year, Martez was a 6-3, 200-pounder being recruited more as a wideout even though he had 20 sacks. Now, since he's grown, people have realized he has natural instincts as a pass rusher. He runs the 100 meters in 11.0 second and is a terrific all-round athlete. His favorite schools are Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, USC and Texas -- he's been offered by all of them. He'll be one of the most recruited players in the country. The relentless style he demonstrates on film reminds me of Simeon Rice, who came out of the Chicago area 10 years ago.
Lemming is noted for just guessing at leading schools and sometimes being hilariously wrong, but that assertion seems to agree with the general opinion of the Internet.

Link here.