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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is very annoying, but when you name your blog this...

... you get a link, even if you do hang out in libraries even though you're completely illiterate. Also annoying-for-harming-precious-stereotypes: the 614, which is in English despite being written by an Ohio State undergrad. Well-written English!

Gentlemen, start your rankings. Scout and Rivals have released their initial top 100 lists. Joey has been kind enough to compile players of interest for Michigan fans. Of note are some vast differences of opinion: depending on who you listen to, Michigan DT Joseph Barksdale is either OMG shirtless #17 (Rivals) or not worthy of a top 100 ranking (Scout).

Joey also missed a few, and since I just had this lying around I may as well be redundant:

Ryan MalletQB#27#17Commit
Jerimy FinchS/OLBNR
Ronald JohnsonCB
#20#17Presumptive favorite
Toney ClemonsWR
#85Presumptive favorite
Dionte Allen
Presumptive favorite
Michael Williams
#56Repeatedly stated a top two of Michigan and Notre Dame.
John Clay
#12Lists us but still awaits an offer; probably Wisconsin.
Lee ZiembaOT
#37#35Visited recently. Has serious interest.
Martez WilsonDE
#21#18Chicago-area recruit; lists Michigan among leaders. Still open.
Donovan WarrenQB#52#50Services agree! No idea on destination.
Lorenzo Edwards
#53Continually lists us; seems unlikely.
Marshall JonesS
#54#60In top five; seems likely to stay on West Coast.
Junior HemingwayQBNR
#95Camper last year who at one time seemed a good bet to commit early. May be backing off of that.
Dave MolkOL
#91I have no idea who this guy is.
Joseph Barksdale
Could go anywhere.
Eugene Clifford
Ben MartinDE
Marc TylerRB

As you can see, the Scout list likes prospective Michigan commitments better and is therefore declared correct. Rivals has many chance to revise its horrible erroneous, er, errors into a more pleasing configuration before it's all said and done.

Sweet Jesus. Offseason boredom is beginning to drive prominent bloggers completely flapjack nuts. EDSBS presents its upcoming season preview... in form of Powerpoint. I... I... er. Okay. The good bit about Orson forgoing all pretense of sanity is that the trip down is hi-larious. Meanwhile, Golden Tornado is busy determining whether or not every mascot in America sucks. Michigan's complete failure to have one should help: we are talking about mascots here.

Maybe GT can use the following abomination provided by reader Josiah Q, who has a pleasingly Old-Testament name and a desire to cause strokes in elderly Michigan fans:

Something you must know: Tennessee's Jim Bob Cooter was arrested for DUI. God willing, this was a moonshine incident.