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Monday, August 28, 2006

Probably an short-lived feature as the words "Lloyd Carr" and "hotseat" become inextricably intertwined over the next few weeks. First, Terry Hutchens of the Indianapolis Star:

1. Lloyd Carr, Michigan: Three or more losses in a season is unacceptable at Michigan, and that has happened to Carr in seven of the past eight seasons. Last year's 7-5 record, and a 1-4 career mark against Ohio State's Jim Tressel put Carr firmly on this list.
Exactly how unacceptable can three losses be if Carr is still around?

And this is just a bunch of Iowa students and thus shouldn't be taken particularly seriously:
A national title and five Big Ten championships would put a college football coach up for sainthood on most campuses.

In Ann Arbor, fans yawn at those accomplishments and scream for more.

After 12 seasons at the helm, Lloyd Carr's seat as head coach is hotter than a race track after Ricky Bobby shakes and bakes on it.
I always suspected that sports journalists had a requirement along the lines of "Lame Pop Culture References 101." Now we have proof.